Even though Senator #Ted Cruz was ahead in polling against several contenders in his U.S. Senate reelection campaign, it is apparent that he could be defeated by former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Although Perry has not officially entered the race for Senate, he is considered a likely contender. Cruz's popularity in Texas among #GOP voters has declined sharply since he failed to endorse GOP presidential nominee #Donald Trump at the GOP Convention in Cleveland, Ohio last month. Instead, Cruz told the GOP delegates to "vote" their "conscience" and to support the "candidate" of their "choice." Since Texas is a conservative, red state that strongly supports the GOP nominee, whoever that turns out to be, Cruz put himself into a politically vulnerable position when he failed to endorse Trump.

Manafort set Cruz up for failure

As this observer has indicated in previous writings, Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign manager, set Cruz up to fail at the GOP Convention. Manafort had to find a way to discredit Cruz and to topple the widespread support that he was enjoying at the GOP Convention. And so Manafort set Cruz up to discredit himself by refusing to endorse Trump. This made Cruz look like an angry, self-centered, sore loser. After that, Trump was able to attain the votes of most of Cruz's supporters and win the nomination. It was a brilliant strategy and it worked, that is until Trump started putting his foot in his mouth again and brought his poll numbers down.

Texas Senator's citizenship was challenged by Trump

Cruz had every reason to be mad at Trump and to refuse to endorse him.

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For one thing, Trump questioned Cruz's very right to run for president because Cruz was born in Canada. Cruz has maintained that he is a natural born citizen of the United States because his mother was born in Wilmington, Delaware. In claiming natural born American status, Cruz is relying upon English Common Law which assigns full, natural born citizenship to people born in foreign countries to one or more parents who were born in England.

Real estate mogul implicated Senator's father in JFK assassination

In addition to challenging Cruz's American citizenship status, Ted Cruz went so far as to implicate Ted Cruz's father, Rafael Cruz, in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Trump said that the elder Cruz was seen with accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald on the morning of the assassination on November 22, 1963. It goes without saying that this accusatory implication from Trump gave Cruz another reason to be angry at Trump and refuse to endorse him at the GOP Convention.

Christie weighs in

Trump apologist and lap dog supporter Chris Christie, New Jersey's absentee GOP Governor, had some unkind words for Cruz as well.

Christie stated that Cruz was selfish when he failed to endorse Trump, even though Trump dehumanized and humiliated Cruz beyond all levels of human decency.

Sticking to it

It is apparent now that Cruz does not give up easily. He is a fighter and he will not stand by while his honor and that of his father is questioned. He has a tough fight ahead of him in his Senate reelection campaign. He will endure to the end to remain credible as a presidential candidate in 2020, following Trump's guaranteed loss to Hillary Clinton in 2016.