During a now infamous press conference in which President Barack #Obama expounded on Donald Trump’s unfitness for public office, he also vigorously defended the Iranian nuclear arms deal. He was so vociferous in that defense that he claimed that the Israeli government had come to accept the transaction as not harming the safety of the Jewish state.

It turns out that assessment came as a great surprise to officials in #Israel, from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on down, as the Washington Examiner reported. Indeed, Israel still regards the agreement as a modern-day Munich, likely to result in #Iran acquiring nuclear weapons in the long term and acquiring lots of money to dole out to terrorists in the meantime.

The brazenness of what has to be termed a lie was so egregious that it is virtually Trumpian in its scale. The question arises, why did the president think he can get away with it?

Much has been written about Donald Trump’s mental state. More than one analyst has suggested that he is unbalanced. But most of the media has ignored the depths, which are frightening, of the mind of the man who has been the most powerful man in the world for nearly the last eight years.

Imagine what would happen to Trump if he proposed doing a deal with a hostile foreign power that would shower it with cash and pretty much allow it to pursue a nuclear arsenal. Imagine if Trump not only claimed that the agreement would prevent that country from acquiring nukes, but that a friendly ally, which had previously warned against it, had come around when, in fact, it had not.

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One would suspect that many pundits would cry out with despair and wonder how disastrous the election was going to be for the fortunes of the Republicans. Others would expound about how ignorant or insane the candidate is and speculate how he could be forced to step down.

Unfortunately, the man in question is the twice-elected president of the United States, and the proposal is a thing that has already been accomplished. Trump may speculate about using nuclear weapons on ISIS. Obama has ensured that a country that yearns to use nukes on its enemies will get them. What is more, he has lied about it.

Who is insane now?