Amid all the troubles in the world today, a video game called "Pokemon Go" has been silently taking young lives one at a time. Pokemon is a growing threat to society and the United States taxpayers want to know then enough is enough? In the headlines again, Pokemon claims another victim. So if no one else will ask, we will. Future president, When will you stop the bickering and stop the Pokemon madness? 

Another Pokemon related murder

San Francisco- In the #News, a young man in his 20's was shot to death as he chased Pokemon creatures around San Francisco at a tourist attraction a family friend said on Sunday. Calvin Riley was shot dead by an unidentified assailant saturday at the Aquatic Park near Ghiradelli square Saturday, Park Police said.

According to USA Today, John Kirby, the victims friend, was quoted as saying, "From what we know there was no confrontation. It was sensless... just came and shot Calvin in the back and fled". Park Detective Robert Jansing said that none of Rileys possessions were taken, and the assailant did not try to rob Riley in any way, but only wanted to commit #murder

Riley is not the first victim

Robbers use the Pokemon app to lure victims into isolated traps and then assault and rob them. Not only that, but the app also takes minors too close to registered sex offenders. New York Governer Andrew Cuomo has banned sex offenders from using the app according to Newsweek. Cuomo was reported as saying, "Our children are priority number one," in a statement over the weekend. So the question remains, when will the government say "enough?"

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is an app that mixes virtual reality with reality, that kids Idolize.

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The players of the game chase around "Pokemon", trying to catch as many as they can. The app uses the phone camera to make it seem that the creature in located somewhere  in their city, with a google map showing where to find the creature. 

People Looking at the screen while crossing highways and dark alleys are not watching where they are going in reality. This is called Augmented reality or "AR" as some call it. Augmented reality is the term used for mixing reality with virtual reality, creating a well placed stumbling block for victims of crimes. Not knowing where the app is taking them, the victim enters places they normally would not go. 

Donald Trump uses theme to mock Hillary

In light of the subject, Donald Trump made a video that he shared on his Facebook of him capturing Hillary in the "Pokemon Ball", used to capture Pokemon. He names the video "Crooked Hillary No".

However, this is a serious problem today and the app is leading people to their doom. Something needs to be done about this before more innocent lives are lost.

In conclusion, we need to pay more attention to our surroundings. As they chase these fictional creatures, Our kids are venturing into places they normally would not go. If you do not want to ban them from using the app, as Iran has done already, at least set restrictions on where they can and can not go to chase Pokemon. Like the Governer of New York Andrew Cuomo has said, "Our Kids should be our number one priority."

  #Pokémon GO