If you’re feeling like a confused voter and still trying to pick the lesser of two evils between your presidential choices of the lying evil satanic sorceress and the racist buffoon devil that seems to have some form of self-induced Turret’s syndrome, you’re not alone amongst the voters banging their heads against their walls. Paul Wolfowitz feels your pain.

Wolfowitz from Bush’s administration admits voter reservations

Paul Wolfowitz, well-known Republican “architect” of the Iraq War who served George W. Bush’s administration as the deputy secretary of defense for four years stated he feels Donald Trump would bring a security risk to the United States.

Wolfowitz also mentioned Trump’s admitting liking of men like Vladimir Putin is slightly troubling. (What, since when is it against the law to enjoy asking questions about nuclear bombs and mentioning you’d like to use them on someone? Or since when can one not say he might sort of idolize a person who can be loosely defined as a dictator? After all, it’s not like he’s running for president or anything and nukes and dictators are about as non-American as you can get. Of course, that’s sarcasm).

So, according to Wolfowitz, the only way Trump’s take on foreign policy can even be seen as acceptable is if he doesn’t mean anything he says about it. And since sometimes Trump says he means what he says, and sometimes he tells us he didn’t mean what he said, nobody knows with any certainty what the heck he means when he says half the stuff he says anymore.

All we really know is that he’s talking when he says things. And probably emotionally imbalanced, too.

He will begrudgingly vote for Hillary Clinton

Wolfowitz wants somebody who will respect America’s allies, as he feels the nation needs this for balance, and Trump seems to enjoy bashing those necessary allies.

Trump also wants to abandon the promotion of democracy and pull out the military in places where genocide would be present without those troops. So as a result, Wolfowitz admitted he will most likely vote for Hillary Clinton, although it’ll probably make him feel nauseated when he does. He’s no fan of hers, either.

Hopefully they hand out those little vomit bags at the polls for everybody this year, or have a really good cleaning service. To be safe, just bring your own.

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