Lately, when I ask people what they think of Hillary Clinton, their response, of course, depends on which side of the political party battle lines with which they’ve armed themselves. While that comes with no surprise, one thing I know many people accuse her of is having some problems with is honesty. It comes as absolutely no surprise that individuals would call any politician a liar. In fact, you can call just about every single politician or president a liar and say that’s the reason you don’t like that person, and have perfect examples of these lies, making your assertion true. But when it comes down to it, I bet somebody somewhere else is calling your chosen candidate or favorite politician a liar with as much disdain and proof as when you say it about your most hated politician.

They all lie.

What makes Hillary Clinton’s case so interesting is that in this gigantic sea of historical to present day politician-liars, she seems to have been awarded the Grand Prize by the American populace for having the most problems of any politician ever with speaking the truth. That means one of two things: she either really does lie more than any other politician has since the history of planet Earth, or she totally sucks at lying and the other politicians are just way better at it than she is. Whatever the real reason, here’s a list of some of the most interesting things that have come straight out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth:

Hillary Clinton lied about her own name

Hillary Clinton’s suggested backstory for why she was named “Hillary” she claimed was due to her parents naming her after somebody.

Who is that somebody? Sir Edmund Hillary, who became world-famous in 1953 for topping the peak of Mount Everest. Which, if you get down to the nitty-gritty of exactly when she was born, is impossible. Nobody knew who Sir Edmund Hillary was before 1953, and Hillary was born six years before, in 1947.

So she’s either implying that her parents were lame enough and thought she was unimportant enough for them not to name her for six years, or she’s implying the impossible and therefore lying. Of the two, it’s far more likely with her track record that she’s lying. This was pointed out by Rush Limbaugh.

Hillary Clintonlabeled Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic looney toon”

Writing to her friend Diane Blair, and present in a story aired by CBS on the Lewinsky scandal and how it affected the Clinton marriage, Hillary interestingly crafted an insult about Lewinsky, calling her a “narcissistic looney toon.” Of course, taken in context, it came out after Bill Clinton's affair when he became the second President to get impeached in history (parking himself next to the historically loathed Andrew Jackson). Who are the real looney toons? Hillary sleeps next to one every night and sees the other one when she looks at herself in the mirror every day.

Hillary Clinton once called Donald Trump her husband

Hillary once publicly referred to Donald Trump as her husband.

Now given his choice in words isn’t always top-notch, his choice in women is. I think Trump’s made it pretty clear he’s attracted to a certain type of woman and Hillary isn’t that type—Trump likes hot supermodels all men drool over. And for the record, I’m not even sure Hillary is Bill’s type, either, since Bill’s type is more wide in variety. For Bill, they don’t seem to have to be as hot supermodel like as Trump’s women.

And, that’s all folks.

Just remember, before trying to judge this writer about which political side she’s arming with, please look over all my articles at my profile, because I satirize both candidates and promote only one thing about this election: you using your right to vote.

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