The soothsayer had warned Julius Caesar of the calamity that was to befall him, but the almighty general was perhaps too protected to fear. He was wrong. As the 2016 election approaches, the soothsayers are calling for caution so that what befell Caesar wouldn't occur again to this great country. Beyond the economic might and the freedom enjoyed by the citizens of the United States, what is of much importance is the peace to prosper and pursue greatness.

Politicians have further divided us

However, recent events are worrisome, to say the least. America has become compartmentalized along reasoning, opinion, and values, and injustice has become the platform for the broadcast of its diversity.

Gun control issues, religious intolerance, and the ever increasing political divide is fast redefining us. The excesses of politicians such as Donald Trump have further proven that the country is not yet one.

The effects of this division and internal strife could reach a catastrophic height if care is not taken. America’s grip on the world is about to loose. A country cannot be divided within its own domain and expect to effectively tackle global issues. The implication of this is that there will be more room for hostile governments to fund terror groups, reduce funding for Africa and aid for development and research, and the taking over of the financial market by China with the help of Russia.

The dangers of being divided as a nation

China and Russia know that perhaps the easiest way to defeat a strong United States is not by conventional warfare, but by skillfully, like a snake, hide until the enemy within causes commotion.

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Internal strife and disaffection from within would cause a shift in social loyalty, where (and this is frightening), those who once swore to uphold the integrity and protect the sovereignty of the country soon become tools in the hands of foreign predators. 

When a people are no longer united by a common course, either through religion or culture, and when there arises a 'we' and 'they' dichotomy, then there is fire on the mountain. California firefighters can do nothing about such. It is therefore in our best interest and that of coming generations to exercise restraint and ensure that every American must possess a sense of belonging and live without fear of molestation.