North Korea and South Korea are two relics of the end of World war II when the Korean peninsula was freed from Japanese occupation. North Korea came under the communist influence and the South sided with the USA and became a democracy. It was followed by the Korean war (1950-53) when the North tried to take over the South by #military force. The USA intervened under the guise of the UNO and once again General MacArthur was appointed the commander-in-chief. With the tide turning against North Korea, Red China then under Mao-Tse-Tung intervened and pushed the UN forces back. General Mc Arthur pushed for a nuclear attack on  china, but president Harry Truman did not agree and dismissed the general.The war ended in a stalemate and the 38th parallel became the effective boundary between the two Koreas.

One factor that stood out in this campaign was communist China.

Missile test

Both the Koreas went their separate ways and there was an economic revival in South Korea, while North Korea a totalitarian state began to concentrate on a military buildup. North Korea developed nuclear weapons and often the communist leadership threatened the South and the USA with a nuclear attack.The USA for years has been imposing economic sanctions but these have had no effect. One wonders how a country as small as North Korea can defy the greatest military power on earth and get away with it. The North has been perfecting delivery weapons for their nuclear bomb and one step further has been the test launch of a missile from a submarine. An earlier launch on 25 December 2015 had ended in failure.

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The latest launch of a purported ballistic missile is cause for worry to the South, Japan, and the USA. It looks like the USA for all its clout, is not able to intervene militarily or enforce any worthwhile measures to curb the Korean regime's military and nuclear buildup. 

A proxy for China?

The only reason for this lack of action is China. It had intervened earlier in the Korean war as well to help the communist regime and even now it is tacitly using North Korea to further its agenda of weakening the USa and emerge as the number one power in the world. It's aggressiveness in the South China sea is another example of its belligerence. In case China is serious, it can easily stop the Korean buildup of nuclear weapons, but it serves China's policy to keep the USA entangled and under pressure, as its navy is not yet a match for the US navy. Many analysists in the Staff College at Wellington, do feel that all actions by North Korea are a proxy on behalf of China. The USA will have to face the China problem squarely and there is no getting away from it. #World Politics