I'm proud to admit that I am a Democrat but sometimes even people in my own party need to be whacked upside the head (metaphorically speaking). The "controversy" of Melania Trump's nude photos is one such example.

Slut-shaming Melania Trump

I hear, and agree with, a lot of feminist Democrats who talk about slut-shaming and how it's just used to shame women who happen to be sexually active, or even dress a certain way. Sometimes, slut-shaming is used to silence victims of sexual harassment and even rape. So my question is why are some, not all mind you, but some, are taking the news of the New York Post printing nude photos of Melania Trump as a chance to attack her personally.

Yes #Donald Trump says he'll go after pornographers. Yes, his party's platform considers pornography a major public health issue and the majority of their constituents have a major moral grievance with it. However, shaming Melania Trump for doing something she decided to do of her own volition, that objectively harmed nobody, is not conducive to anything resembling policy discussion nor is it progressive.

Remember Michelle Obama

Conservatives did a lot of freaking over First Lady Michelle Obama wearing a sleeveless dress in 2009. They criticized it as unbecoming of a First Lady. We spoke up in her defense that it really wasn't their business what dresses she wore. The sleeveless dress harmed no one so we should focus on real issues.

Recently, Malia Obama went to Lollapalooza and was filmed twerking.

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People went crazy. Progressives have rightly spoken up and said that what dances Malia does at a concert are strictly her business. We need to apply the same logic to the Melania Trump controversy. It's her body and her business. As long as everyone involved consented and followed the law, it's really not our business. Besides, Melania Trump's photos happened 20 years ago.

What we should focus on instead

Well, I hate to be a broken record, but I think we should focus on real issues. Things like the fact that Donald Trump panders to anti-vaccination groups or the fact that Mike Pence is in favor of letting schools use potentially lethal restraints on disabled students, judging by his vote on the Keeping All Students Safe Act. Or Donald Trump's rambling about nuclear weapons.

Any of these are more important to talk about than any photos Melania Trump took two decades ago. Also, when we talk about them, we don't sound like sexist jerks – which is always an improvement, in my book. #Election 2016 #Democrats vs Republicans