#Melania Trump probably realized she'd always be on the cusp of the limelight when marrying New York businessman #Donald Trump, but did she ever imagine that her life would become an open book and it would be filled with rumors after a decade of marriage? Probably not, but a new take on Melania's life mission suggests that this was all part of a master plan and that Donald Trump's wife is a planted #Spy

Melania a planted Russian spy?

Not only does the rumor suggest that she was put in Donald Trump's path as part of this spy ploy, but you will never guess who planted Melania like a dangling carrot for the real estate mogul? It was none other than Putin, or so claims an article published on the Huffington Post website. This is new one for Melania to file under the fake chapters of a media spun biography! Melania has been under fire for the last week regarding her immigration status, which is probably something she would never dream of having to defend.

Although the beautiful Mrs. Trump is legally in this country, that isn't good enough for some folks. Now they want the time, date and everything but her shoe size from the day she arrived in the nation. After that got old, then another story was spun about a previous marriage for the only possible next First Lady of the United States. According to Hollywood Life, suggestions that Melania married in 2001, a few years before marrying Trump in 2005. The rumor implies this is how she got her green card!

Is this worth the battle?

Is Melania sitting back wishing that she can have her old life back where her days centered on raising her 10-year-old son Barron Trump, the youngest child of the man who could be the next president of the United States? While she hasn't swayed from her mom duties one bit, she's taken the time to support her husband in his quest for the White House. 

Melania Trump is a strong woman from all accounts and she's also highly intelligent, so for sure she will fare well through all these horrendous rumors and accusations.

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It could be because Trump wouldn't crumble after all the things they threw his way that they now have Melania in their scopes. There are people in both political parties invested in not seeing Trump become the next president.

Donald Trump has been dragged through the mud and come up clean time and time again. With that avenue just about exhausted, is Melania the next target because it is well known that her adoring husband wouldn't let anyone make her feel uncomfortable. This week alone she's hit with the accusations of a previous marriage, a green card that's questionable and now the suggestion that she's a planted Russian spy. Are these ploys to break her down? (Although the Russian spy story seems more comical to prove the point that folks are going a bit too far with the ludicrous accusations.)

If people know one thing about Trump to be true that would be that his love for his family comes above all else. If it came to a point where Melania couldn't take the pressure, would Trump just walk away from it all? It looks as though some folks are out to test that theory with the ridiculous rumors and accusations being spewed her way.

Will she falter?

Maybe they are trying to get Trump to back down and walk away from his positions by attempting to wear down Melania, but chances are she's not the type to crumble. Bill Clinton is getting his fair share of pokes from the media, but he is a man who is just so poke-able because of all his escapades while in the White House. He made a mockery of the office with his frolicking behind the scenes. Melania was enjoying being a stay-at-home mom when her husband's journey down the campaign trail threw her into a new level of fame.