The media have become handmaidens to the oligarchs currying favor by politically assassinating politicians who pose a threat to their special interests. The attacks launched against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been unprecedented in their fact-free viciousness. CNN has been the worst, where former journalist turned CNN carnival barker, Jake Tapper has taken lead of the pack of attack dogs manufacturing “scandals” out of whole cloth.

Media spreads allegations without fact checking

Tapper’s show The Lead promotes every scurrilous allegation made against the candidates, as indictable facts. Tapper echoed the charges made by Judicial Watch against Hillary Clinton that a Lebanese donor to the Clinton Foundation received special treatment and favors by the State Department. Fox’s Eric Bolling used the JW talking points to repeat a litany of donors to the Foundation that received special favors after making donations. What they failed to disclose is JW’s 25 year quest to destroy the Clintons.

Real journalist investigates

Eric Lipton of the New York Times was a recent guest on C-Span’s Washington Journal to discuss his recent exposé on Washington Think Tanks’ conflicts of interests. A caller inquired about the charges lodged against Clinton by Judicial Watch and whether Lipton had investigated the charges. Lipton said he was asked by the Times to help examine the allegation and determine whether or not there had been any favoritism or special access going on at the State Department.

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He explained, what happened earlier this week was Judicial Watch released an e-mail from some of Clinton’s aides showing when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State the Clinton Foundation approached some of her aides to ask them to speak with an individual from Nigeria. That individual was a major donor to the Clinton Foundation that had connections in the Foundation that the gentleman used to contact a Clinton aide for a possible meeting with state department officials.

Nothing inappropriate happened

Lipton was part of a group of four the Times assigned to the investigation and what they found was the individual from Nigeria who was of Lebanese descent was simply trying to share information about an upcoming election in Lebanon that he felt the State Department should know about. Lipton’s team found nothing inappropriate took place. The individual never got the meeting so there was no pay to play because he never got access.

Lipton further stated it is the obligation of journalists, when allegations of this nature are made against a candidate, to dig into the matter quickly and ensure the facts are available to the public. He said “It doesn't appear to be anything that consequential.”

No quid pro quo just another case of media treason, spreading lies to destroy a former first lady and presidential candidate who the oligarchs hate.

That is what our treasonous media does, invents crimes and then tries to poison the minds of the public to advance candidates more to the oligarch’s liking, while lining their pockets in a real quid pro quo. The oligarchs have selected their candidate Evan McMullin a CIA veteran and Goldman Sachs alum. Now it’s up to their media toadies to politically assassinate the candidates chosen by the voters, committing treason if necessary.

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