The American media are owned by billionaires who use the constitutional protections provided for a free press to spread lies and misinformation about candidates. The media are doling out endorsements of candidates who are committed to continuing congress’ assault on the American people. The Orlando Sentinel is endorsing Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Patrick Murphy in Florida’s August 30 primary. Rubio and Murphy have both been endorsed by the establishment. The Republican Party is running an ad against Murphy.

Vulture capitalist backs Rubio

Marco Rubio’s presidential aspirations were funded by billionaire hedge fund vulture Paul Singer.

Singer is famous for buying up the debt of distressed nations for pennies on the dollar, then forcing the country into bankruptcy and removing their democratically elected government. After losing the primary, Rubio who has served his billionaire masters well in the US Senate, decided to run for reelection in Florida.

Duopoly backs Murphy and Rubio

Both Murphy and Rubio have the full weight of the Democratic and Republican leadership to defeat populist Alan Grayson. The media barons who are among the rich and famous select our leaders and they despise populist candidates, especially Alan Grayson. They have the rich and famous congress that they desire and will do anything to keep candidates like Grayson out of their carefully crafted senate.

Congressman Murphy has sided with the GOP on key votes twice as often as with Democrats and yet Grayson is running against both parties for the senate seat.

People vs Oligarchs

Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer have all endorsed Patrick Murphy and demanded Grayson drop out of the race.

The Florida primary on August 30th is truly a David vs. Goliath match, it is the people vs. the oligarchs. The GOP ad against Patrick Murphy says “Florida’s senate seat is not for sale” I beg to differ. With the media barons and oligarchs flooding money into the coffers of Rubio and Murphy while attacking Grayson it will be a real victory for America if the people prevail.

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