In the beautiful, green state of Kentucky, famous for race horses and fields of clover, two different patrons of McDonald's Restaurants 25 miles apart, claim to have been provided burgers with worms in them. In the first case, Madison Stephens stated that she was preparing to bite into the burger that she had purchased for her one year-old son and herself in Mayfield, Kentucky, when a "live" worm "fell out" of the burger. In the second scenario, which took place about 25 miles away in Draffenville, Lacey Lo Lovett claimed to have discovered a worm in her burger as well. Both McDonald's franchises belong to the same person, Michael Love, who is an active owner-operator of both facilities.

Owner's response

Love responded by telling reporters that health officials had inspected both restaurants and that they had found "no evidence" of worm infestation in the meat at either facility. As this observer sees it, that does not excuse Mr. Love from culpability in this matter. It seems to this observer that the fact that worms were found in two different locations that belong to the same owner-operator, 25 miles apart, should suffice as more proof that the worm incidents really did occur, than does the health inspection report prove that the worm incidents did not occur. It is way too coincidental that two different people, unknown to each other, 25 miles away from each other, both found worms in their burgers, for it not have been factual. Yes, it really did happen and Mr.

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Love is culpable, responsible and even potentially liable, as this observer sees it.

One insulting offer

Stephens contacted the McDonald's Corporate offices about her worm incident. McDonald's, which ultimately is responsible for the safety, cleanliness, and presentation of all of its products and at all of its restaurants, sent Stephens a $10 gift card! The offensiveness of this cheap, petty, and insulting offer, to someone who had entrusted the McDonald's franchise with the safety and quality of food for herself and her one year-old infant, speaks for itself. Some things in life are so revolting and despicable that they need no further explanation. This is one of those things, and both Love's franchises and the McDonald's Corporation need to be rebuked for their trite, insensitive and downright insulting responses to this matter.

Ruby Tuesday shutdowns

Meanwhile, another fast food chain, Ruby Tuesday, also is having troubles. The famous burger and salad bar chain announced the closure of 95 restaurants throughout the nation, but did not specify which restaurants are involved.

A spokesperson for the fast food chain stated that the shutdown was because of declining business.

Pregnant women and fast food

Although burgers and pizzas are filled with protein, nutrients and vitamins, pregnant women need to be careful about what they consume. If consuming a burger, pregnant women should skip the mayonnaise and additional sauces because they have harmful side effects. If consuming a pizza, pregnant women should skip the multiple cheeses and caramelized onions because they are very fattening. Also, pizzas laden with multiple meats should not be consumed either because of the high caloric intake. A vegetable pizza is recommended.

Finally, sandwiches with lean meats such as chicken or turkey are recommended over sandwiches with beef or pork. And noodle soups are highly recommended because they have no saturated fats. One thing that is not recommended for all people, pregnant or not, is burgers with worms in them. Definitely stay away from them and the fast food chains that somehow end up serving them.