The entertainment industry is one of the most mysterious career fields in our society. It's almost like we have access to see one of the seventh wonders of the world, but will never understand it. There are three main groups of people that make up the music industry, the fans, the entertainers, and the executives.

The fans are the customers who generate the income for the entertainers. The entertainers are the workers who create the art. The executives are the owners whocontrol how the art affects the people, distributes the products and profits.

Products and profit

Entertainers and executives evaluate the society and fans interaction with the art in order to sell the best product to make the most profit.

For this reason is why fans separate the "mainstream" art from the organic "real" art. "I dumb down for my audience to double my dollars" Jay-Z stated in his song "Moment of Clarity" to reference the criticism he receives for going mainstream. Most real fans hate the mainstream because often the art loses

Most real fans hate the mainstream because often the art loses its passion and heart, that may even take away from the artist's credibility.

For instance, an artist like Drake who's net worth is $60 million will have a team of business executives to evaluate what type of music he should make or to review the current songs that he has made in order to approve for release.

Artist having a song writer

Once you understand the business aspect of the entertainment industry it comes as no surprise of how little of power and control that artist have over their own product.

So when topics such as rappers having ghost writers are discussed you're not caught off guard with the reality that most musicians don't write their own music.

If artist wrote their music than the job of song writing wouldn't exist.

Does not writing your own music lessen your talent credentials? No, because sometimes a song is thought of by a person that doesn't have the talent to project the picture that they created in their mind.

That's like making a soprano singer sing base, those are two completely different octaves, and just because they can't sing base doesn't mean that they can't sing at all.

A rapper having a ghost writer doesn't mean that they can't rap, but since rap is founded on lyricism it does mean he lacks a key foundation as a rapper. Without this foundation you're subjected to more criticism that's validated.

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