President Obama spent a nice summer day on the golf course while on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard (not a bad place to be). Unless, you are the President of the United States and one of your southern states is suffering through heavy flooding. Baton Rouge, Louisiana should have moved up the President’s to-do list being it is the biggest natural disaster of Obama’s second term.

By not going to Louisiana it appears that President Obama is going to mail it in for the next 6 months. Unless there is no way out, aides of Obama will be dispatched just like the Secretaries of Homeland Security and FEMA were dispatched to Louisiana.

The President will go to Louisiana next Tuesday to survey the damage, but I think that was what Bush did that Obama railed against over and over.

Donald Trump showed up

Donald Trump continued his good week today by traveling to Louisiana surveying the damage and seeing what he could do if anything. Leaders naturally just want to be there when their fellow citizens need them, Trump was there when needed. The topic of conversation on the plane when he left was more likely than not about what could be done. The businessman in Trump would help him as President.

Trump’s administration would be quick to respond to disasters such as this. The reaction would be quick, the problem diagnosed, immediate repairs made, and a long term solution found if possible. Those affected by the events of the weather would not have to wait long for help to arrive, and it would be real help, not empty promises.

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Clinton sent an email

Hillary Clinton took the day off for some rest and relaxation. She did however have time to send an email, yes that is right Clinton sent an email. The email sent to her donors in the state asked those donors to donate to the Red Cross. Real leadership does not just throw other people’s money at other people’s problems.

This is the typical method of operation for the Clinton Foundation. Tragedy strikes somewhere in the world, Bill Clinton shows up, donations start flowing in, and nothing ever really gets fixed. Problem solving does not seem to be an area of expertise for either Clinton. This country simply cannot withstand another Clinton Presidency.