You know that phrase “beating a dead horse?” Trump’s people seem to like to posthumously pummel long-deceased slanders to the point where I wonder if Donald Trump knows what year we are in. Resident nut job and illogical liar Cal Paladino from the Trump campaign along with Trump decided it would be a good job to resurrect a long-dead rumor from 2008 about President Obama practicing Islam that has been disproven so many times simply by the Obamas living their everyday lives it makes me think requirements for presidential candidates need to change. Paladino and Trump’s attempts to re-animate this rumor without the help of Victor Frankenstein just show us all why IQ tests and citizenship tests should be required for presidential candidates who argue that “tests” should be performed on Muslims, and that think President Obama is a Muslim.

Paladino talks to McShane about Obama being a “Muslim”

Showing about where his IQ level and citizenship awareness both are, Cal Paladino thought it would be a wonderful idea to assert that there is “no doubt” Obama is a Muslim. In a conversation with Connell McShane, from Fox Business, who asserted that this concept is not true, Paladino asked how McShane knew it wasn’t true. McShane’s response was that Obama has asserted it and was raised in a Christian family. When McShane asked Paladino for proof that Obama is a Muslim, Paladino’s non-brilliant misuse of a logical syllogism followed with vague premises used as a comparison, which is such an abuse of logic Socrates just might rise from the dead and give Paladino some midnight hemlock: “If it acts like a duck, if it walks like a duck, and if it talks like a duck, it’s a duck!”

Without getting too far into syllogisms, and the other 130 things wrong with this statement, factual premises are used to prove the conclusion true.

(Socrates is a man + All men are mortal=Therefore, Socrates is mortal). You have to be able to argue the truth of the premises (If it acts like a duck + walks like a duck+ talks like a duck) to prove the conclusion (it is a duck). Even if we could use a comparison syllogism in logic, this makes no sense.

Let’s assume he means Obama acts like a Muslim +walks like a Muslim + talks like a Muslim and analyze the truth behind each premise.

Obama acts like a Muslim

Obama is one lazy guy in the practicing religion category since he rarely goes to Church. But when he does go, he goes to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Last time I checked, that makes him a sort of typical slacker American Christian, not a Muslim. Apparently he likes sleeping in on Sunday mornings like a lot of other lazy Americans.

Obama walks like a Muslim

I don’t even get how this makes any sense. Exactly how do Muslims walk versus how Christians walks, Paladino? Or were you just adding some nonsense to cushion your lie and try to distract us?

Obama talks like a Muslim

So, is Paladino implying Obama knows Arabic or something? Because I’m pretty sure Obama’s language skills are similar to those of most slacker Americans who don’t go to Church and he only knows how to speak English.

Wow, the more I do this syllogism breakdown, the more American and not Muslim Barack Obama looks.

He hardly goes to church, speaks only English and kind of slacks on some things—like a whole heck of a lot of other Americans. Now, I’d love to bury the dead horse Muslim rumor Trump and Paladino both dug up because it stinks to high heaven like their trash talk lies that lack any sense of reality.

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