The speech given at the DNC by #Khzir Khan was emotional, sad, heartfelt and no doubt DNC propaganda against #Donald Trump. The people of the United States of America should stop, look and listen to the rest of the world. Political correctness runs amuck in this country to our detriment as a nation. The world has a terror problem.

The problem I see with political correctness is that it is normal in today’s political world. President Obama’s first Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was overheard early in Obama’s first term saying to never let a good crisis go to waste, and neither party fails to take advantage of those opportunities.

All Americans hurt

Mr. Khan is wrong about Trump having never sacrificed anything. When an American is truly an American, every loss is partially theirs. Every time a soldier dies, all Americans mourn that loss. When a law enforcement officer dies in the line of duty, all Americans feel that pain. When a child perishes due to neglect or circumstance, all Americans hurt. Every death brings a burden to bear for all Americans.

So yes Mr. Kahn, Trump has felt loss. Not to the extent in a singular circumstance as yours, but for years now over and over. Terrorist attacks have increased without debate since Sept. 11, 2001 when Trump surely lost people near and dear to him. Each new attack regardless of where on Earth the attack takes place, it hurts the heart of all Americans.

There is sacrifice creating jobs

When he said that creating jobs is not a sacrifice, this had to be muttered by someone who never created a job.

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Creating jobs does take sacrifice along with long hours, hard work that never ends, and constant looking to the future. Possibly, this last talent that Trump has shown over and over in business ventures through the years lets him see the issue of terrorism from a different vantage point.

If you have a water problem you turn off the source first, then you fix the problem. The world has a problem with terrorists and that is beyond debate, so we should simply turn off the source. Trump is taking the fix-it position on terrorists. Stop letting people from that area of the world into our country temporarily, and take a deep breath until we can figure out the solution. The other position of letting more refugees in is like leaving the water on during a water leak.

Trump said what many Americans think. If Khan is so Americanized that he can carry a pocket Constitution around the city, then he should be Americanized enough to let his wife speak. The party of women allowed this to take place on its stage, they used you Khan, and all Americans who watched you speak, felt your pain.

Europe learning the hard way

European nations are currently finding out that letting whomever come in the country is not a good plan. People of all faiths, of all nations are being killed for no reason other than being where they are. Turning off the source can be our only action that will help, and all Americans should want it to stop. Trump is right when it comes to the security of our borders, but he may not be politically correct in the way he says it. #ABC