Since the overthrow of the American government in 2000, PNAC’s New World Order has turned huge swaths of the world into bombed out graveyards. Once in power the PNAC crowd planned to use Turkey as a launching point to foist world hegemony, not only on the Middle East but on the Balkans and elsewhere. Turkey’s membership in NATO was the result of a post WWII alliance to keep the strategically situated country as a NATO base.

New World Order

PNAC, the Project for a New American Century devised a plan to return Zionism in the world and to decimate the US financially, militarily and psychologically in order to advance a superior State of Israel unrestrained by the US government.

Turkey was to play a major role in the destruction of Syria and Iran with the ultimate goal of overthrowing the Russian government.

Meanwhile, a secretive religious movement was evolving in Turkey called the Gülenist movement. The movement’s structure included recruiting and molding school children into loyalists to Fathullah Gülen. According to Tolga Tanis at the Intercept who interviewed an anonymous source twenty years ago, the movement would identify talented, brilliant and loyal 11 and 12 year old students to prepare them for military school examinations.

They would then be covertly separated from the other students and secretly mentored by big brothers assigned by the movement. The children are trained from an early age to accept their placement in the hierarchy.

In adulthood the most prized are men in their early thirties, militarily trained as pilots with the ability to fly American-made F-16 fighter jets.

Gülenists infiltrated Turkish military and government

According to Tanis’ source Mr. X, “The Gülenists were recruiting in the police, the judicial system, and other government agencies.” After the military coup in 1997 Fethullah Gülen fled Turkey and with the assistance of the CIA was given asylum in the U.S.

Today the movement has become even more powerful in the Turkish government and is ensconced in every level of the government in academia, the military and police. After the failed coup and assassination attempt on the elected President Erdogan, a massive arrest and purging of the Gülenists was initiated by Erdogan.

Obama’s rule of law

Erdogan has sent a letter to President Barack Obama demanding the extradition of Gülen to Turkey where he is wanted on charges of terrorism. Barack Obama has refused to comply with the extradition treaty saying Erdogan must provide solid evidence that Fathullah Gülen was behind the coup attempt. Citing that the US is a country of laws, Obama said Gülen would then be given due process.

It appears Gülen is being afforded rights that natural born American citizens have been denied in the war on terrorism. Obama has given the order to assassinate American citizens on foreign soil with drone strikes that have killed thousands of innocent women, men and children. When it comes to American and foreign citizens Obama has assumed the role of judge, jury and executioner with no recognition of basic human rights.

If Turkey leaves NATO it’ll be just a matter of time before the Balkan States shed their NATO yoke and demand US consulates and NATO bases banished and reclaim their sovereignty. In the meantime Joe Biden has been dispatched to Turkey to lure Erdogan into the Gülen/CIA/NATO spider web but he may be just whistling past the NATO, EU graveyard.

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