Is Hillary Clinton too sick to become president? US News recounts the number of stories, mostly based on observations of the candidate on video, which suggests that Clinton may have an ongoing #Health problem. She is known to have suffered a concussion due to a fall in 2012, but Clinton has been pronounced fully recovered. But odd behavior captured on images and video, including one instance of her having to be helped up some stairs and another case in which Clinton seemed to “zone out” in mid-speech has some tongues wagging.

The rumors and speculation have thus far been dismissed as the right-wing grasping at straws. Clinton’s personal physician has pronounced her to be healthy and fit to be president.

On the other hand, Team Hillary has been known to lie constantly about things great and small. And a prominent politician concealing a health problem is not without precedence.

On October 2, 1919, President Woodrow Wilson suffered a near fatal stroke. As he slowly recovered, First Lady Edith Wilson concealed the extent of the president’s disability, even going so far as to forge his name on official documents.

President Franklin Roosevelt was confined to a wheelchair as a result of a bout with polio, a fact that was known in official Washington and by the media, but was concealed from the public.

President John F. Kennedy suffered from a number of health issues, including Addison’s disease and complications of a back injury he sustained during his World War II service for which he was being given dubious medical treatments.

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These issues, plus his womanizing, was concealed from the public by the media.

When President Ronald Reagan was shot, initial press reports related that he walked into the hospital under his own power. What did not come out until much later was the fact that he collapsed immediately after and came closer to death than was initially reported. On the other hand, the stories that Reagan suffered from the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s during his second term are altogether bogus.

The upshot of it is, #Hillary Clinton may be the picture of health or at death’s door. No one will know for sure unless or until something tragic happens, on the campaign trail or after, or a board of independent physicians examines her to make sure.

The same treatment should be applied to Donald Trump. A man of his age who lacks an exercise regime and eats fast food is just asking for trouble. And his behavior could be interpreted as evidence of a psychological disorder.

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