Picture this: Donald Trump politically uncensored while he’s allowed to censor everybody else. While I just gave myself a massive migraine by bringing up the thought and I apologize to any reader experiencing the same reaction, it’s something we really must ponder. What might he discuss with that type of freedom and control? Notions that the GOP Republicans will agree with? As a man that’s been associating himself with the “alt-right” members and saying things that not even the most conservative within the GOP can stomach, it’s not so certain.

With many GOP Republicans feeling like they have to disassociate with him to save their own campaigns (take John McCain, for example), it seems unlikely.

While Trump’s managed to turn some top-level Republicans into drones (like whatever media tycoon hypnotic powers he used to turn the previously intelligent Newt Gingrich into a Trumpian mouthpiece), his support within his own party seems questionable. So, is the world ready for Trump TV?

Donald Trump: not the GOP’s ideal choice

It’s no news flash that Donald Trump wasn’t the GOP’s ideal choice in the first place. Instead of embracing his associated party’s values and promoting both them and their own candidates up for re-election, he’s been accused of splitting up the party and causing havoc on Republican re-elections that should have been easy poll wins. And for what? Did he have a plan all along to benefit himself by his run while both using and hurting others in the Republican party along with the party’s stability?

Is he capable of doing something that seems so selfish? We don’t know the answer to that question yet, but many predict that he is.

The truth is, Trump has set himself up either way—whether he wins the presidential election or not—to come out on top somewhere. With his reported closeness to Fox News chairman Roger Ailes who some say is advising him, many now say Trump’s plan all along was not really to become president, but to start his own conservative media network.

(And if that happens, I really hope our television screens don’t start cracking from aversive reactions to this, because televisions are not cheap).

Trump TV: the perfect business plan?

Former president of CNN’s U.S. operations, Jon Klein, feels that losing gives Trump the most successful business plan he can have, since it opens the door up to his supporters to both follow him and complain about other media outlets for years.

Trump’s already doing a good job of setting the media up to be the corrupt reason why he’s losing, something he’s voiced many times, and he’s got enough people who would be more than willing to watch him.

Although Trump’s denied this accusation, Klein envisions that if Trump went the internet subscription way with his brand of style, and charged a fee every month for users to subscribe, he’d not only cut out the regulatory censorship problem, but be able to speak more freely. And it’s certainly easy to see how much Trump enjoys being in the media spotlight.

And as much as I hate to admit it as a writer, sometimes censorship is a good thing. Thank goodness all remote controls, including mine, have a “power off” button and are cheap.

Because if Trump TV is a regular television channel and not a paid for subscription service, I’m pretty sure I am going to break a few remotes with the amount of force I will use on my power off button if Trump TV ever pops up on my television.

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