Does Andera Tantaros stand a better chance of keeping her job with Fox News because powerhouse Megyn Kelly reported the same type of sexual harassment allegations against CEO Roger Ailes before Tantaros? Kelly may have paved the way for job security for any other employees who may come forward in the future after she made her claims known. Kelly's job is not in jeopardy and she remained on-air without being given time off. Tantaros made her allegations known in an interview that made headlines on Monday and the buzz today claims she is in jeopardy of losing her job at Fox News, but she hasn't yet.

Kelly's Fox News contract wanes

Kelly, who along with Bill O'Reilly, highlight the Fox News Channel.

If Fox News were a movie, these two would be the top-billed stars. With her contract up right after the election, Kelly is very much being courted by Fox to stay, so it would basically take a natural disaster to have her removed from her spot on Fox. According to an archived article from Hot Air, back in April Kelly said she wasn't sure if she would re-negotiate a contract with Fox News, but a lot of water has gone under the dam since then . 

Gretchen Carlson was the first woman from Fox to make the headlines with a lawsuit against Ailes, this was also the first time the news of the CEO at Fox being accused of sexual harassment came to the public's eye. Immediately following her accusations being exposed, other female employees at Fox came forth to support Ailes, saying they never had any problems with Ailes, who was more like a father-figure to some of the women.

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Once Kelly's story surfaced, all this public support for the CEO abruptly stopped and Ailes immediately resigned from his CEO position. No one at Fox has come out to blast Kelly's accusations and the only backlash she's received from the public are the questions as to why she didn't come out with sooner.

Kelly's reveal quieted down Ailes supporters?                                 

Andrea Tantaros is up against one top executive, Bill Shine, who came out to deny that Andrea had complained to him about what she is saying Ailes subjected her to, according to the Western Journal. He never stated that Ailes didn't commit any of the behaviors he's accused of, just that Tantaros never complained to him about Ailes before coming out Monday in an interview with the New York Magazine. What has stopped is the barrage of support for Ailes from some of the female employees who came out in the beginning of this scandal to support the former Fox CEO. The very popular Fox personality Greta Van Susteren was one of the women at Fox who didn't see Ailes as a man who would engage in the actions that he was accused of.

She along with Judge Jeannine Pirro came out in support of Ailes, but their support has abruptly gone silent.

Tantaros job at Fox in jeopardy

Tantaros has a good chance of losing her job for publicly accusing Ailes, according to Western Journalism. On Tuesday Fox News confirmed that her contract could be terminated, but the decision on Andrea's fate has not been decided at this time. It is reported that Tantaros broke her contract by speaking out against Ailes in public. There has been nothing said about Kelly breaking her contract and there's no word that she's in jeopardy of losing her job. So did Megyn's accusations against Ailes act as a saving grace for Tantaros when it comes to being able to keep her job? 

Megyn Kelly gold to Fox News

It remains to be seen if Tantaros will remain a Fox employee. Unlike Kelly, Tantaros gave an interview regarding the allegations she is making, which is reportedly a contract breaker. According to The Wrap, Kelly on the other hand, relinquished this information when she was interviewed by Fox investigators who were working for Fox News lawyers doing an internal investigation into the allegations made by Carlson. This is a bit different than giving an interview, as  Kelly was just giving honest answers to the questions she was asked in a legal setting .