Most of the American press has reported that another 3 states are leaning towards Hillary. We also have an odd statement reported that some Republicans have said they will not endorse Donald. To a layman, it perhaps appears that #Donald Trump stands little chance to win the November election. Does this really mean that it's all over bar the shouting?

Donald Trump is also trying to reach out to the African-Americans in his last two speeches. Will this help him or it will have no effect? There are a myriad of questions that come to mind and if one goes only by the press reports it's all over for Donald and he may as well go home.

Gallup polls and Donald

The situation is not so bad as the latest Pew Foundation poll shows that Donald is behind Hillary by just 4 percentage points and the report does accept an error of + or minus 2.8%. Even if we accept the latest Pew report it does not mean that Donald is written off. Add to this the reports that Donald's outreach to the black voters has fallen flat and just about 1% of them support Donald. All the polls are only a sample and generally, they may show a trend but cannot be accepted as gospel truths. All polls rely on a very small base of the election voters and though they try their best they cannot be accepted as the last word.

Looking at the future

America has a population of 325 million and to carry out a poll in such a diverse country whose length and breadth is spread over thousands of miles is not an easy task.

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African-Americans do not support Donald. No poll is required to bring this out. But Donald has made the right pitch to them. His question to them is simple. He has said that despite supporting the Democrats for decades what have you achieved? He went on to add that despite decades of supporting the Democrats, they have no jobs and 58% of the youth are unemployed. If this is the result of decades of supporting the Democrats, why not give the GOP and him a chance? A very valid argument and though it may not cut ice at the moment, it will in the weeks to come ring a bell.

Last word

The silent American sitting at home who will come and vote is concerned about all that is happening in America. The polls do not cater to such voters. It has been seen on most occasions the Gallup polls are wide off the mark and the figures can be interpreted any way. Donald is a few points behind Hillary but the election is 3 months away and Donald may well still win, as the silent American voter sitting at home will vote and there is no certainty that he or she will vote for Hillary only. #Hillary Clinton