For those of you who don't know what a cyborg is, it's a human being having an electronic device attached to it. Think Arnold. Think Terminator. Think Arnold peeling his arm off to reveal the mechanical hand inside. I don't need a cyborg arm or any other such extension, but I do need to use my headphones.

It's not just a headphone anymore. It has become part of me, an extension of me. It sure does serve the purpose: I can listen to the music each time I attach it to my iPhone6 jack. The problem is that it's attached "that way" all the time to my ears. I only remove it when I go to sleep. I feel like a cyborg with the headphones attached to my ears at all times.

I feel like I don't have my cell phone with me anymore if its not attached to my ears.

It's on even when my iPhone6 is off or charging. I'm also very particular about how I (or anyone) should be wearing a headphone. Watch the following video from the classic The Terminator 2 movie to get the gist of what a cyborg means (in relation to my article). In the video, you could see Arnold Schwarzenegger, a cyborg, cutting his arm to reveal the mechanical hand.

*Warning: graphic content*

Why must Apple remove the jack at all?

Modernity. Moving with times crap. Probably. I like modernity, millennials and all the Pokemon Go stuff but I won't part with my headphones. I like the new. I'm a geek in my own secret way. I can't wait for iPhone7 to come on the market. I won't wait up for it for hours or days just to get my hands on the latest #Apple handset but I surely do want one. In DJ Khaled's words, "I won't be played".

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I won't let Apple play me. 

I want iPhone7 not because it's the fashion (or to Snapchat the moment of getting my hands on the must-have gadget) but because I like the new. I love gadgets especially the new Apple smart phone. I want the latest iPhone7 not because I want to keep up with the moving times. I want one not for the sake of having one or just for the sake of moving with times but because I would want one. But the new smart phone without a headphone jack makes me think twice. Every time. I like the white chord hanging in there like some kind of a fashion accessory. It's my thing. I wander why Apple has to remove the headphone jack and force us to spend more money on the new wireless earphone gear.  

I'd do anything for modernity, but I won't do that. By that, I mean I won't part with my headphones. I wanted to know about the Pokemon Go craze, but I wouldn't play it. I won't 'let them play me. I won't be played'. 

I've become like Neil Harbisson - the first human being to have an antenna implanted in his head. He is the first human cyborg. His antenna uses audible vibrations in his skull to report information to him.

He looks kinda cool too (Please see the pic attached). A 21st century man, a cyborg that the earlier mechanically developing generation had thought of what human beings would like in the 2000s or later. Like Neil, I too need the musical transmissions reported to my brain for me to function properly. I cannot imagine a world without music. I'm part of the new. I need to get started, I need to be able to be attached to some kinda thing and the headphones does that job for me. I don't have to keep checking my smartphone for the notifications but the beeps are transmitted to my ear instead. I can concentrate on my writings and other things without interrupting my chain of thought by looking at the small screen at regular intervals. 

The lightening port iPhone7 headphone hack

Would I want to have an iPhone7 still? Yes I would. Rumor has it that Apple is releasing the iPhone7 with the lightening port headphones. The following video shows the new lightening port earphones that may come with the new iPhone7. I guess Apple has heard the headphone fans' pleas or is it the fear of loosing the well established customers like me?  

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