The latest poll results are out and they show that Hillary leads #Donald Trump by 8 points on the national level. On reading this news many will be feeling that it's all over for Donald Trump bar the shouting. Is it really so? Can Hillary look to the coming election and think that she is the one to sit in the Oval office? One wishes things were so simple or as we say cut and dry. But there  are many other factors and the most prominent is that all the polls are only a sample and in a nation of 325 million one can't treat them as gospel truth, especially this early on in the election process with a few months still to go.

Donald remains a powerful candidate

The same goes for the coming election.

Hillary needs to be alert as it's not all over yet. The fact is that various polls have shown that the support of Donald is basically among whites who have not had much of a college education and are earning less as well. One doesn't need a magician to understand that in any society the majority is always of the less educated and less privileged. If Donald has the greater support among this segment then he still stands a chance. One should also not disregard Donald's outreach to the African- Americans. Simply put he has said that you have achieved nothing by supporting the Democrats, as your education and poverty levels are way below the whites and so he says why not give him a chance? Over the next few weeks, if he continues to hammer on this theme, it is sure to ring a bell at least among some of the African-American voters.

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His 1% support is sure to rise.

The future

The changing world scenario and the skeletons coming out of Hillary's cupboard may also have an effect. Terrorism and violence are on the top of the agenda with the economy. A few more terror acts will greatly consolidate the Trump vote. Though Donald may be trailing at the moment , yet it will take just one incident to swing the vote towards him. In any case, he has committed support and one can be sure that it's not yet over for Donald Trump. #Hillary Clinton