#Hillary Clinton may be as corrupt as #Donald Trump says she is. No longer do voters have to ponder whether another scandal will break concerning the democrat nominee, all they have to do is wait for it. These scandals just keep coming and most concern an email involved with corruption, and or criminal activity.

The body count not including Benghazi is up to four, the results of mysterious deaths of people involved with the DNC. One of these men was Seth Rich, who on July 10, 2016, was shot in the back walking home from his job at the DNC. Speculation is Rich may be the leak that released 30,000 emails to WikiLeaks concerning the DNC, Bernie Sanders, and the Clinton campaign; the very emails that cost Debbie Wasserman Schultz her job as Chairman of the DNC.

Trump should get laryngitis

Trump should just not say much about anything but the latest Clinton scandal. The DNC, Clinton, Clinton’s campaign will provide plenty of things to talk about. Sooner or later more and more people will stop supporting Clinton just because she looks so much more dishonest and corrupt with each breaking scandal.

Emails were released today that show a connection between the State Department while Clinton was Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation. Anyone who reads the emails with an open mind will see a donation can get through to where you want to go with Clinton, even if it is illegal, unethical, or blatantly corrupt.

Waiting not Trump's best virtue

All Trump has to do is wait, but that is not his nature. Clinton and the left leaning media spent the day talking about Trump and a comment he made about the 2nd Amendment.

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The comment was taken out of context, spun around and use to make people think something altogether different than what was meant by Trump.

Trump release his economic plan this week and the plan is solid. Trump should spend his time talking about his plan, he should focus on the things he can change when he gets elected. Trump should let Clinton keep trying to put out each new fire that comes with each new scandal.

Corruption a family tradition?

The more time that goes by the more evidence the American voter will have that will eventually push them away from Clinton. The thing Trump needs to do is not make them go to a third candidate instead of him. This election is there for the taking, as Clinton is fast becoming the most corrupt politician of all time, but then that just might be a family tradition. #Election 2016