Did Hillary Clinton just coin a new phrase for mistakes made in politics? Will people now say they've "short circuited" when things break bad in Washington? She claims that her email woes didn't start with a lie and while explaining this she had a Short Circuit over her comments on the email server. A storm of posts on social media showed up after Hillary's hilarious reference, especially coming from a woman who asked if wiping her server clean meant doing so with a cloth, like the one you would use while dusting!

Wiring problems?

"What Makes Hillary Short Circuit" was an immediate trend across the social media sites after the Democratic candidate made that declaration, reports CNBC News. She then said "So I may have short-circuited it and for that, I will, you know, try to clarify." This will be known forever as the night Hillary Clinton short circuited and sent sparks across the social media sites.

Trump's take

Donald Trump got right on the "short circuit" confession of his political opponent by tweeting his own thoughts over Hillary's wiring problems. Trump tweets:

The presidential candidate that short circuited

Hillary was in rare form for painting pictures with words during this speech. She was expressing the need to expend opportunities economically for minority groups as she came out with this sentence... "when the economy catches a cold, communities of color get pneumonia." While that is no "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy" sentence, it could have been one talked about for a while as it was a good play on words. That won't happen as she now has her short circuit blurb to live in infamy.

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Bill short circuited with intern?

So does this mean that Bill Clinton had a short circuit, by connecting to an intern? When Nixon was unplugged from the White House due to Watergate, would this constitute a short circuit? It doesn't look as if these wiring problems Hillary talked about during her speech were  not there on the teleprompter for her, so look at what she's stirred up by winging it!  Hillary may have offered up a catch-all phrase for the future faux pas events in politics