Democratic nominee #Hillary Clinton may have had a Freudian slip during a speech she gave on August 1, 2016, in Omaha, Nebraska. Even the best politicians sometimes slip and say what they really mean, this time, it looks like Clinton did just that.

Maybe, this time, she is leveling with the voters, and that should bring lots of Bernie Sanders supporters on board with her because by raising taxes she will have more to give away.

The crowd was so interested in what she was saying they cheered her words. The cheering makes you question are they really listening or just reacting on cue? If you watch the video, many appear disinterested just doing time until the next cue to react by waving signs, clapping, and cheering.

Possible first for Clinton campaign

This possibly is a first for the Clinton campaign, speaking the truth to the American people. The email scandal of Clinton’s Secretary of State tenure, the Benghazi hearings, and video statements, and the DNC email debacle have painted Clinton as untrustworthy to a large number of voters. Some of these voters say in spite of not trusting what she says they will vote for her anyway, now that is mind-boggling in my opinion.

So was this a gaffe, or will the Clinton campaign be trying something new and improved to increase her trustworthiness? Has some staffer somewhere come up with a new strategy to improve the chances that Clinton could beat Republican nominee #Donald Trump come November if she tells the truth?

The truth will set you free

There is an old saying that was thrown around when I was a child having done something wrong before being caught by my mother or grandmother.

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That saying will be forever inscribed on the inside of my forehead. Quite simply it is, The Truth Will Set You Free. The problem is that there are consequences to being set free by the truth, and they are normally painful.

Hopefully, enough middle-class voters did hear what Clinton said, and that old saying will come to attrition. With luck and common sense, the voters will set us free of politics as usual in Washington during this election.

The spin of this gaff will make for some entertaining Television the next few days if you even hear a thing about it from the mainstream media which I doubt will happen. #Election 2016