#Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party, and the mainstream media are doing all they can to make this election about race every chance they get. They have made accusations about #Donald Trump by twisting what he says to fit the narrative. Trump himself has said some things that could have been said better and he has admitted so, everyone has done that.

Make no mistake this election is not about race or religion. This election is about the economy. No number of free things that the government gives to us will solve the problems our country faces. Each and every new idea/program the government undertakes does not fix the problem, the exact opposite happens and the problem gets worse.

Obamacare on life-support

Take Obamacare for example. The plan was to get more people covered by health insurance. The exact opposite happened. People who had coverage lost that coverage due to being unable to pay the increased premiums. Those who could pay the premiums could no longer afford the deductibles. Now even the insurance companies who helped write the law are leaving the market due to huge losses.

Trump is not a racist. Society as a whole has been trained to think racist when someone says something controversial. The more the Democrats keep the minority voter in dire straits the more they create job security for themselves. They will keep promising, but nothing will change, the politicians do not really want it too. Donald Trump is not a politician.

Failed democrat policies for 50 years

I would invite any minority voter to stop, sit down, and think about it with their future at stake.

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Have the Democrats really made things better for you in the past 50 years, or are you still waiting? The citizens of Haiti can tell you about empty promises form the Clintons. How many times have you been promised something from a politician that did not happen? Donald Trump is not a politician.

Trump would do things to create long term help. By creating jobs for the people of poor neighborhoods things will get better. The problem with the government providing too much assistance, those paying the taxes run out of money and join those getting assistance making things worse than they were to begin with.

Trump, jobs, and the future

Creating jobs would be Trump’s focus, then letting people create their own future, going as far as they want to go. The Democrats have the future planned, and the only ones with money will be them. Trump is the better option for a better future, and Hillary Clinton is the continuation of things that have not been working for almost 50 years because she and the Democrats are the worst kind of racists. #Election 2016