The caricature of Hillary Clinton

#Hillary Clinton realizes that Americans have a real concern about being able to trust her, due to past accusations and to her email scandal and the Benghazi terror attacks. She does understand that we are questioning her ability and have questions about what she has been doing. She thinks it is very fair that we feel this way.

Why America has lost trust

It's no wonder why people have these perceptions of Hillary Clinton. She had a favorability rating of 64 percent when she left her role as secretary state in February 2013. Her rating declined following criticism over the attack of the U.S.

Consulate in Benghazi and her emailing at the State Department.

Is the Russian Government trying to ruin the election?

Hillary Clinton has claimed that the Russian Government wants Donald Trump to win the presidential election. They have gotten illegal access to emails for the #Democratic Party and have released damage timing with events.

She claims that the families of the victims from the Benghazi terror strikes misunderstood what she told them due to the stress of their losses. She claims that the email event was of her sending and receiving emails regarding official business and not of any classified information. She has made it seem to be the fault of 300 other people.

FBI Director Comey has claimed that among the emails there was classified information sent and received. He also said that it is not true what Clinton is claiming.

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Hillary Clinton was not brought up on charges because there was not enough evidence to bring a case.

Hillary Clinton says she will not try to overturn the second amendment but instead strongly urge tighter gun laws. So much controversy is over the gun laws and Clinton knows that. With tighter gun laws, people who should not have a gun will find it harder to obtain one.

Will she win the election?

November is approaching fast and most are sure who they will cast their vote for. With all the dirt being spread about each candidate, it is really hard to say who is the better choice. Hillary Clinton knows that it will take time to gain our trust and to put faith in her that she will lead our country to a better time.