Hillary Clinton has been lying from the very beginning of her campaign. However, the swath of Hillary supporters refuses to open their eyes to all the lies. You have heard it said, "If I had a dime for every lie told by Hillary....", Now this seems toring home truths more than ever. From Benghazito her views on homosexual marriage, she has been a steady stream of confusion throughouther whole career.


From the very beginning, she has lied about the Benghazi mishap being due to her decision to pull out key troops that were there for a reason.

Despiteall the families of the soldiers killed in that attack, Hillary made the statement heard around the world. "What difference does it make," asked Clinton as the whole world was listening. She made the decision to pull out key troops that were stationed there to defend U.S. interests. She fails to this day to accept the fact that she was wrong and incompetent.

Sniper fire

During the campaignin 2008, Hillary claimed that as she stepped off the plane in Bosnia in the 90's, her and her entourage were under heavy sniper fire and had to rush for cover.

However, this does not match any video taken of that day. Not only was she meeting and greeting all of the people there to receive her, she stopped to get photos taken of her and an eight-year-old girl, that was there to meet her. If there was sniper fire on the tarmac, why would a girl that was so young be there in the open? When asked about it, the democrat would simply state "I must have misspoken."

Views on Same-sexmarriage

In 1996, Bill Clinton signed the "Defense of Marriage Act," protecting the definition of a marriage being between a man and a woman.

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In January of 2000, during the senate race, Hillary made the statement at a news conferencein White Plains, that a marriage is defined since the beginning of time, between a man and a woman. This is quite the contrary to what she says now, claiming that marriage is defined by who one loves. Her views on Black Lives Matter flip flops as well.

Hear with your own ears

There are many compilations on multiple video platforms that show all the lies Hillary has told. I have found one that is direct and right to the point.

In conclusion, As you can see, there are more than I have mentioned here. I only used the main ones, and the most controversial. There is so much confusion in everything she says. I wrote an article about her flip flopof her views on free trade as well that may interest you. A simple google search will lead you to the truth, even though Mrs. Clinton cannot.

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