The flagship of the Clinton Empire is the Clinton Charitable Foundation run by Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea Clinton. The foundation with over 2000 employees’ worldwide makes Bernie Madoff and his little Ponzi scheme look like amateurs when it comes to raising, hiding, and spending other people’s money.

The thing you have to say for Bernie Madoff is that he only scammed the rich out of money they probably scammed someone else out of. The Clintons however are equal opportunity scammers, whether you are a rich Middle Eastern oil Sheik that hates America or a homeless survivor of the storm that wiped out Haiti, the Clinton’s will use you like an ATM machine at a casino.

The Clintons prey on the weak

The strong have for ages preyed on the weak, but the Clintons have mastered the art of disguised begging. Something horrible happens and help is desperately needed, but the scammers are always first to show up to reap the benefits of those in need. The Clintons do make it look good though. They walk through the streets surrounded by those that need assistance, take some great pictures, and then they raise tons of money.

That money is then spent on travel, salaries, fund-raising, overhead expenses, and various other things it takes to run a scam. In 2013 according to Charity Watchdog the Clinton Foundation raised over $140 million, but only gave $9 million of that in actual direct aid. That fact alone goes a long way toward showing the poor, minority, female, and middle class voters in the United States just how good they would have it with #Hillary Clinton in the oval office.

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The history books will not be kind

The foundation like so much of the rest of the Clinton’s legacy will not be remembered fondly in the history books. What they have not been able to control, they have simply ignored. Corruption seems to be a part of daily life for the Clintons. Maybe they are just built that way, Bernie Madoff was and look where that got him, in prison.

Lies, corruption, and sexual scandals have littered the path the Clintons have travel since Bill was Attorney General in Arkansas. The rest of us can only hope that the Clintons too will face a future where no lie will be big enough to hide the truth. The Clinton’s only care about themselves, ask Vince Foster or any of the dead people who used to work for them.