Downtown Green Bay is bustling with gala activities this weekend with the Tall Ship Festival, providing the perfect backdrop for Trump’s campaign rally. Against a backdrop of nine tall ships, with six docked permanently during the festival for tours and the World’s Largest Rubber duck, Trump will address an expected crowd of 5,000. While 50,000 are expected for the Tall Ship Festival, thousands more will be celebrating on the City Deck and participating in the Nitelite Run, weaving through the streets of Green Bay.

Walker, Ryan and Johnson diss Trump event

Three prominent GOP pols with be “no shows,"Wisconsin Gov.

Scott Walker, Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Ron Johnson. The WI GOP has taken to dissing the GOP Presidential candidate for a myriad of reasons, but most recently Trump’s failure to endorse Ryan who is facing a challenge from Trump supporter Paul Nehlen. Paul Ryan was slow to endorse Trump, saying “he wasn’t there yet” now the table has turned and Donald Trump is slow to endorse Ryan saying “he’s not there yet.”

The Trump-Ryan pissing match got uglier when Trump gave a shout out to Nehlen thanking him for defending Trump in his feud with the Muslim Gold Star dad, Khizr Khan who delivered a 7-minute takedown of Trump at the Democratic National Convention.Ryan’s GOP challenger Nehlen sided repeatedly with the GOP nominee in his ongoing dispute with the Khan family.

"Paul Ryan AGAIN Misrepresents Trump Position, This Time on 'Religious Test' Brouhaha," tweeted Nehlen. Trump responded tweeting a thank you to Paul Nehlen for sticking up for me. Nehlen promptly tweeted a response, quoting Trump’s own campaign slogan. “My pleasure, Sir,” he wrote.

“Just want to Make America Great Again.”

WI voter ID ruled overtly racist

The GOP is relying on their voter ID law to carry Republicans to victory in the November election, like it ensured a Canadian Ted Cruz victory. Last week a federal just ruled the WI ID law is overtly racist designed to suppress the vote of Milwaukee’s African Americans.

He wrote, the restriction “intentionally discriminates on the basis of race.” Judge Peterson struck down the GOP prohibitions on using expired student IDs that are otherwise qualifying, limiting to one location per city for in-person absentee voting, and restrictions on the hours for absentee voting.

The ID law will remain in place for Tuesday’s primary. However, he ordered that the state quickly issue valid voting credentials to anyone trying to obtain free photo IDs, calling the current system for issuing IDs a “wretched failure” that overwhelmingly cut out black and Hispanic citizens.

Saving Paul Ryan

While the voting ID law protects Republicans in cities like Milwaukee by disenfranchising the unwashed masses it is unlikely to help Paul Ryan in Janesville, where his heavily guarded, fenced in compound protects him from the outside world.

Nehlen has the backing of high-profile Republicans like Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter and has a number of Trump backers working on his campaign to dump Ryan. So Tuesday’s primary should be a test if the rigged election will save Paul Ryan.

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