There is turmoil in the Republican ranks and this can only give pleasure to the Democrats and Hillary Clinton. This opposition to Donald Trump is nothing new as all along the Republican leadership and the old guard led by Mitt Romney were opposed to his candidacy. Given half a chance they would have liked Donald to be defeated and anybody else to get the nomination. But the leaders failed in their bid to stop Donald as he had grassroots support and he won primary after primary. There was a lot of petulance even when Donald won the nomination and many of his opponents refused to endorse him.

Opposition to Trump

Donald Trump is a man of strong views and one cannot write him off even if many leaders of the GOP have refused to close ranks with him and have openly supported Hillary as president.

The press is painting a picture as if Donald Trump has lost the election already, as they front page the activities of men and women of the GOP who oppose Donald Trump.

But are matters that simple? In my visit to America, I have observed that there is support for Trump. Yes, he uses intemperate language, but that is nothing new and he has been talking like this for the past year. To pick on him now that he is not fit to be president is a little late in the day, as despite all that is said and done he does have support. That means despite all the activities of leaders who wish to break ranks and support Hillary directly or obliquely, Donald is not a man bereft of support.

The voter

Perhaps one can understand what Trump has articulated. These persons who are opposed to Donald have realized that in case he sits in the Oval office this entire bandwagon who are touting that Donald is unfit to be president would be out of the policy circuit.They would have no say in any policy matter.

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Whether Donald Trump loses or wins is perhaps not the issue. The issue is that substantial numbers of Americans identify with what Trump says and one wonders how this group will be handled. These are the men and women who will vote. Donald Trump to my mind cannot be written off and people must remember that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.