Former NYC (#New York City) Mayor Rudy Giuliani apparently completely forgot about the 9/11 Attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 in NYC when he claimed that there were no Islamic terrorist attacks on the United States prior to the Obama Administration. The pathetic apologist for #GOP presidential candidate #Donald Trump, who never was elected to any public office after leaving his mayoral post, or nominated as anyone's vice-presidential sidekick, was so anxious to attribute blame to President Barack Obama for every Islamic attack upon the United States, that he forgot about the one attack that was regarded as the worst attack on American soil since the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor.

America's Mayor

When the terrorist attack upon the World Trade Center, which resulted in the deaths of over 3,000 people, occurred, Rudy Giuliani became a sort of folk hero across the country for his leadership style and his infamous walk through the heart of Manhattan while calling upon all NYC residents to "stand firm" and be "brave." Giuliani's "profound" leadership of NYC in the aftermath of the attack, earned him the title, "America's Mayor" and threw him into the limelight as a potential presidential or vice-presidential candidate in 2008 and 2012. In consideration of Giuliani's rapid escalation to the national stage immediately after the 9/11 Attack, it is inconceivable to this observer how he could have forgotten about his "fifteen minutes of fame" when he made his completely erroneous claim that there were no Islamic attacks upon the United States prior to the Obama Administation, which did not begin until January 20, 2009.

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Failed presidential runs; weak Americans

Giuliani made failing runs for the presidency in 2008 and 2016, while claiming that he is the only GOP candidate who is capable of handling America's problems. Not only that, but "America's Mayor" also described American citizens as inept, sheepish and naive followers of Barack Obama.

Attorney General?

It appears to this observer that Giuliani is hoping for an appointment to a post in the Trump Administration if the bankrupt real estate mogul somehow manages to win and stumble into the presidency. Giuliani, who has been unemployed since leaving the Mayor's office in 1989, most likely is hoping to be appointed Attorney General in the Trump Administration because of his background as a United States Attorney.

Apologist for nothing

Meanwhile, Giuliani has been going around the country and appearing on the talk show circuit and serving as an apologist for clueless GOP nominee Donald Trump. Trump, who won the GOP nomination over 16 contenders, including Giuliani, recently told reporters that if he had lost in the primaries, that he would have backed the eventual GOP nominee.

Find someone to blame

Trump's poll numbers have been sagging dramatically and "the Donald" has to find someone to blame. It appears that Trump has decided to blame the media for his declining poll numbers, even though the media only is reporting on what Trump says and does. How much Trump will be able to "save face" if he loses in a landslide is yet to be determined; but the seats for the political sideshow have been reserved and the pro-Hillary results are guaranteed.