Who does #Geraldo Rivera think he is, or better yet, what decade is this man living in? The #Fox News contributor bashed #Andrea Tantaros for filing her lawsuit against Roger Ailes and Fox News. He calls this nothing more than "vindictive" and he called some of her claims nothing more than "crap," which Tantaros created to "damage reputations" and "hurt feelings." Does he really believe that a grown educated woman would go through all of this to hurt someones feelings? It sounds like there's a lot of 12th grade-style thinking going on behind the scenes over at Fox News!

Elderly men at Fox band together?

Looking at the ages of these men, Rivera, 73, Ailes, 76, and Bill O'Reilly is 66, who is another predator named in Tartaros' lawsuit, these guys are elderly men! If you look up the definition of elderly, O'Reilly just entered into that age group, but Rivera and Ailes have been elderly for a while.

They are showing their age when it comes to the culture of sexual harassment in the workplace. Are they that out of touch with the times?

Geraldo sees Ailes as 'flirty'... but endearing?

Rivera doesn't hide the fact that he is good friends with Ailes and when Gretchen Carlson first filed her lawsuit, he lambasted her too. Instead of looking at this as workplace harassment, Geraldo piped in to say that  Ailes has a tendency to be as "flirty as the grizzly in #TheReverent." When Ailes stepped down from his job with $40 million as a going away present, Geraldo tweeted "Oh the grotesque unfairness of life." This leads one to ask... he is kidding us isn't he? 

Rips Andrea apart for 'hurt feelings'

Rivera ripped Tantaros apart for repeating some of the horrendous things Ailes said about some of her co-workers.

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If Tantaros was going to put a stop to this behind-the-scene culture that resembles a bunch of 12th-graders driven by the unruly fluctuation of their testosterone levels, then she had to be honest. This was the only way she could demonstrate just how wide spread this is. 

Tantaros sues for $39 million

The Daily Mail reports that the lawsuit filed by Tantaros has a slew of things listed that she is suing for. It comes to the grand total of about 39 million. This is how much the Fox News analyst is asking for and it includes lost income, mental anguish and Fox's interference with her book along with a few other reasons that are filed in the five cause of actions by Tantaros against Fox.

Sexual harassment not cute, it's taboo!

What is the matter with Geraldo? Would he consider an elderly man saying some of the inappropriate things said to the women at Fox News as just flirting if it was his daughter who was on the receiving end of these disturbing comments? Would he chalk it up to a cute uncle-like grizzly bear just getting in some flirts during his golden years? He sounds as if he thinks Ailes' behavior is endearing.

This is just another example of how out of touch the elderly men over at Fox News are with today's work standards. Back in the 1960s, which was Geraldo's heyday, that type of flirting was tolerated, but jump ahead a half of a century and it is taboo!