#Donald Trump was not thought to win the Republican nomination and yet he has. There is also more than an outside chance that he may occupy the most powerful office in the world. It's a real possibility, something that cannot be dismissed out of hand. There is another worry, what happens if he loses by a small margin? the statements of his lieutenants are worrisome on this issue.

Donald as president?

Trump's chances cannot be dismissed out of hand. There is a polarization of votes against and for him. Micheal Tomasky, a Political Commentator has written in the New York times " we are at a point in history where there aren't many votes up for grabs. Virtually every reasonably qualified Democrat could get 45% of the vote, as would any qualified Republican, leaving just 10% for the two sides to fight over." This means that the bone of contention is just 10% of the votes and this will decide who wins.

In such a case the margin of victory in a popular vote wouldn't be much.

Thus there is a possibility that Donald despite some very erratic statements may still steam into the Oval office. What happens then?Many of Donald's supporters say that he will learn on the job. But sadly there is no internship in the job of the President. The person who sits in the Oval office wields great power from day one. Donald's other comments like making a large wall for keeping out Mexican immigrants and banning Muslims from entering the USA appear mild compared to his comments on nuclear weapons.

The future

What happens in case Donald loses the election by a small margin in the popular vote? He has already started talking about a rigged election which is so designed that he will lose. This strikes a chord with his supporters who are enamored with the man. Another advisor Roger Stone warned that if Hillary wins, then the inauguration will be rhetorical and the government will be shut down if they attempt to steal the presidency and swear in Hillary.

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He further cautioned that all he meant was civil disobedience but there will be a blood bath.

Win or lose Donald Trump is going to change the way America thinks. #Election 2016 #Hillary Clinton