This election year, like never before, is highlighting the difference between media headlines and reality. If one believes those headlines posted on the internet on a daily basis, Donald Trump is losing his Republican supporters bit by bit, and Hillary Clinton is gaining tremendously in the polls. But are the Trump headlines provided by major news outlets actually reflecting what is happening in reality?

Wishful thinking would get Hillary Clinton elected

It doesn’t matter what Donald Trump does or says, major media outlets are jumping at every opportunity to bring down Trump and to convince readers that this guy is unfit to be president.

When Donald Trump spoke about the 2nd Amendment and the rights of gun owners, Trump never said anything about using gun violence against Hillary Clinton. So why were his words misinterpreted as an alleged assassination plot against Clinton?

If headlines, words, and especially wishful thinking were to decide the presidential election of 2016, Hillary Clinton would undoubtedly win against Trump. However, the people of the United States are not that easily fooled by anyone, including liberal media outlets, and will vote for Trump to become their next leader.

Why Donald Trump will win the election

There is just one reason why Trump will become the next United States President. The majority of American people will vote for him.

In contrast to some manufactured politician like Clinton, voters finally have a choice of someone that is real. And Trump is proving daily to his supporters that he is all too real.

For whatever reason, Donald Trump has his thumb on the pulse of reality, and unlike Clinton or any other potential presidential candidate, voters are for the first time hearing from a politician what they are already thinking.

Yes, Donald Trump has spoken out against Mexicans, Muslims, African-Americans, refugees, and even the Pope and his church, but haven’t previous news media headlines already shown that those fears are justified? All one needs to do is listen to the last name of any terrorist, criminal, or other antisocial individual, and the name apparently speaks for itself.

As for the government getting anything done in Washington, Trump says it like it is. People do not need ideologies or promises, as they learned during Obama’s run for presidency, but they need reality. When #Donald Trump says that he will fix people’s income problems, it is all anyone wants and needs to hear. Donald Trump knows the difference between reality and a staged show from his reality televisionexperienceand succeeded with his own finances. Why not pass on that knowledge and success to everyone else?

But isn’t Donald Trump behind in polls?

If one is to believe major news media headlines, Donald Trump’s sense of reality, straight-talking lack of pretense, and brutal honesty is resulting in other Republicans pulling away from Trump and polls showing him behind Clinton.

However, the Republicans pulling away from Trump have no other real alternative candidates, and those polls in favor of Hillary Clinton do not count people who most likely did not vote in the last election. People disgusted by current politics have the right to want something else. As Brexit has shown, when it comes down to reality, people who have never voted before will come out to vote for something that is real. In regard to the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump is proving on a daily basis that he is the real deal – and people will vote for him.

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