I know of folks named Fortune and Good Luck, whose entire life epitomizes misfortune and bad luck. In this part of the world, names don’t really matter. We play with words and enjoy the way it sounds - who really cares about the meaning? So we have such names as Stones, West, South, Gavel, Woods, Taylor, Rose and you never can tell, we could soon have iPhone, Nokia or White House. If names were that effective in defining a person’s behavior, how about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?


Let’s consider Donald for instance, a version of the Scottish Gaelic name Domhnall or Domhnull. It is derived from the Proto-Celtic word elements dubno, meaning “world” and val “to rule”.

If you think the Donald is just a name, check out his life, his motivation, and personality. He surely believes he is made to rule and he’s got the Trump - the “trumpet” taken literarily (a mouth that utters presumptuous diatribes, loud enough that the whole world feels it’s vibrations). Correlation, they say, is not causation.

What happens to Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that her name is derived from the Latin word hilarious, meaning “cheerful”, or in the Greek form “merry”, or sometimes “gracious”. Well, you know as I do that the Democrat nominee is not a comic icon who could step in as host of The late Night Show and I doubt if she could star as a lead actress in 'Why did I get married?" However, if it's about her eloquence, composure, confidence, and self-control, especially when on campaign stage or other public functions, she’s simply “gracious”.

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Environmental Factors

However, what if Trump was born in the streets of Kandahar or far away in Somalia or how graceful can a Hillary be in the face of gunshots in South Sudan? No matter how sweet or desirable a name could be, environmental factors are key in determining our personality and social status in life. However, on lighter note, if #Donald Trump eventually wins and rules the world as the President and Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America, I may likely consider adding a ‘Nald’ to my name which would then mean “my Lord has come to rule” (Olumidenald) instead of “my Lord has come” (Olumide).

I do not have Bill Clinton to lean on, neither did I inherit a fortune like the Donald, so what’s going to be my chance of winning? Therefore, it may not be the name that matters - it is the opportunity that avails us as a result of the social group and environment in which we find ourselves. #Election 2016 #Democrats vs Republicans