Since his speech on Monday, Donald Trump has been attempting to show that his extremely expensive, massively chaos-producing, and probably impossible plan due to the system of checks and balances we have in this country, is not only feasible, but totally sane. And as long as all Americans feel like time traveling back to the days of 1954 (before the Civil Rights era), he can accomplish a costly deportation plan of illegal immigrants resembling Dwight D. Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback” by using military force tactics. So as long as America is alright with all of that, he can remove those illegal immigrants and complete his WWII type round-up.

Trump seems pretty keen on this plan although completing it would most likely injure the economy and production, removing workers from jobs that would be difficult to replace with citizens, sources say.

Donald Trump wants to time travel back to 1954

Akin to the Eisenhower era, raids would take place at certain businesses in order to both capture and deport the immigrants and charge their employers. However, many question how Trump would be able to get around civil rights and the Constitution, as well as Congress and the Supreme Court, to get the authority to do this. Obama’s answer was to focus on the deportation of criminals, but Trump’s not focusing on the most dangerous first and would probably scrap Obama’s program.

Plus, how Trump would be able to quickly increase and ready thousands of deportation officers has been called into question as well. And yet, even with all these questions left unanswered, Trump still seems to think he can achieve a plan that even moderate Republicans call into question, and further insists there’s nothing insane about his proposal.

Trying to locate all of these 11 million or so immigrants in two years or even ten sounds nearly impossible. One possibility is using increased checkpoints across the country where people would have to prove they are citizens at each checkpoint. If racial profiling isn’t used, and let’s not forget Trump’s all for that, then any American could be stopped for this.

And I realize how much Americans love checkpoints and getting stopped on their way from point A to point B when they’ve got someplace to be.

Immigration workers don’t envision Trump’s vision

Many involved in immigration and border patrol, like its many officials, don’t see how Trump could achieve his Eisenhower-style tactics since a little thing called the legal system has changed a lot since 1954 and would most likely prevent many of these plans. Currently, almost a half a million illegal immigrants are deported each year, and to up the ante up to about 11 million in two seems, well, ridiculous to those involved in the task. For instance, the police can’t search a person’s house without a warrant in America, something Michael Chertoff, the man that increased immigration enforcement as the secretary of Homeland Security under George W.

Bush, pointed out.

Donald Trump might long for the good ol’ days of 1954, back when McCarthy’s Communist witch trials reigned and J. Edgar Hoover bugged whomever he felt like spying on given the time of day, but I like my rights, and certainly my right to privacy.

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