After a five-day period in which Donald Trump has participated in an extensive feud with the parents of a deceased soldier, picked fights with multiple top Republicans, kicked a baby out of a rally, accepted a Purple Heart that he didn’t earn from a supporter and fell significantly behind in nearly every major poll, it sounds like there might be some internal unrest on Trump’s campaign.

CNBC’s John Harwood Tuesday quoted a longtime ally of Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort: "Manafort not challenging Trump anymore. Mailing it in. Staff suicidal.” CNN’s Ali Vitali quoted a Trump campaign source, in reference to Harwood’s report, “it's all true" and "way worse than people realize." And Vitali’s colleague Dana Bash reported that Trump staffers "feel like they are wasting their time.” Trump’s spokesman, as spokesmen are wont to do, denied that there was turmoil in the campaign.

Is it all a waste of time?

It’s been clear all along that working for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is nothing like working for any other one. He’s a candidate who does what he wants and isn’t especially known for taking advice, which as everyone knows is an absolutely wonderful trait in a potential president. Trump’s staff, meanwhile, consists mostly of political veterans, led by Manafort, who have been on the sidelines for decades, and political novices who are longtime loyalists from the Trump Organization who have little to no experience with politics.

My question for Trump staffers is this: What did you expect? Were you not expecting Donald Trump to spout crazy nonsense on a daily basis, even when it was contrary to the interests of his own campaign?

What was it about Donald Trump’s persona or public record prior to this campaign that made you think his presidential bid wouldn’t go down this road?

“He’s going to change!”

Whether it’s the news media that wants to cover a close race or Republican party mandarins who are loyal to the party, a whole lot of people are invested in the notion that Donald Trump is going to change, to settle down, to moderate, to suddenly turn into a respectable, normal, on-message presidential candidate.

On a couple of occasions throughout the campaign, Trump has shown signs of this- only to pivot back to the same old Donald. It’s who he is, and at age 70, he’s not going to change.

So do I feel bad for Donald Trump’s staffers? No! Why would I? They’re not only actively working to elect one of the worst candidates ever as president of the United States, but they’ve known exactly who he is and what he is from the very beginning.

They were all warned many times, I’m sure. But they went ahead, and their participation in Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign will forever remain on their resumes- and even worse, on their consciences.

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