Donald Trump’s had a rough month or so, probably wishing he’d learn how to filter out his thoughts a little better, not wanting to ever blame himself for anything he’s done as being potentially destructive to his campaign, and watching his poll numbers fall. He’s been promising the RNC he’ll actually listen to them (not that a bunch of veteran politicians could possibly know anything more about elections than him) and trying to plan out how he’s going to make the things he randomly blurts out sound more like he’s creating a new image for himself. Here’s some of the latest ideas:

Keep shuffling campaign managers

There were a lot of reports that his second campaign manager, Paul Manafort, had just about enough of Trump hiring him and paying him to do anything but take Manafort’s advice.

Since paying a campaign manager just to say you have one seemed ridiculous to Manafort, we now have a new campaign manager overseeing Trump’s inability to listen, Kellyanne Conway. And it seems that Trump’s kept her so in the loop, in fact, she blurted out on CNN she didn’t know he was getting audited. Given that and Trump’s previous track record, I’m sure he’ll listen to her just as well as the others.

Blame the media, and anybody other than himself

Trump says the media is always making him look bad, because apparently they are all so in love with Hillary Clinton? They aren’t. When you’ve got Fox News commentators speaking out against you along with those at the RNC, and you won your party’s election spot, the finger might need to be pointed at the person in the mirror, or the horrible toupee on top, at the very least.

Re-focus the Muslim blame

Trump’s trying to put space between himself and his ill-advised attack of the Khan family and their deceased son, an American soldier-hero. Now he’s gone from blaming all Muslims to blaming all immigrants and their children and requiring “tests." Seems he forgot America is basically a country built upon immigrant’s children and we’re all immigrants in some way—including him.

And it also seems he’s forgotten how much Americans hate “tests” and might want to pop quiz him in return.

Vaguely mention policies

Trump now seems to insist he’s talking about policies, but making terribly vague references to them doesn’t show a general understanding of policy. Many are still left clueless about how he’s going to handle the economy or foreign affairs, or even if he will possibly organize and prepare a speech for once and stop offending entire ethnicities.

As a businessman, you’d think he’d talk more about the economy like it’s a strong point. Even after talking about it, I’m not sure he understands it very well. But heck, he’s doing fine with money, so why would he worry about that?

Act like he’s putting effort into it

Since the only thing Trump seems to have contributed to his campaign is a lot of bigotry, no speech preparation, and a focus on immigration while plagiarizing his own campaign slogan (I’ll give him credit for his one-word bonus) it sure doesn’t seem like he’s been working hard or being innovative at anything that matters as president. Sure, sometimes his racism is creative, but I don’t think it gets you very far when you’re working a job that requires you to understand and respect other cultures.

Limit insults to one per day

If his massive payout from the Philippines' use of his name on their apartment complexes dedicated to him, his statement on that complex’s website that Trump “loves the Philippines,” later followed by his mention that immigrants from the Philippines are “animals” coming from a “terrorist” nation is any foreshadowing of how he treats those that benefit him, I’m not doing him any favors.

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