The election campaign is in full swing. We have daily reports of defections from the Republican camp and tens of articles are appearing that point to the fact that #Donald Trump will lose the election. Many of his critics are stating that Trump is unfit to be president. Can we take these pronouncements at face value and assume that Donald has lost the race? In support, the press is daily publishing figures of Donald trailing Hillary.

The Pew Foundation figures

I am afraid there is more to this and sometimes the Gallup polls can be wide off the mark. One can recollect that in the run-up to the Indian general election the majority of the opinion polls forecast a hung house and yet Narendra Modi swept to power.

The Pew Research Center has analyzed the support of Donald Trump. There is a maze of figures, but a careful reading of the figures of who supporst Donald Trump can be revealing. The foundation clearly states that all the support for Donald is from the whites with the older generation tilting more towards Donald than the younger.

The figures also reveal that less than 1% of African-Americans are with Donald. But in the labyrinth of figures, one can read that two classes of people support Donald. Firstly, most of Donald's support is from men who are in the lower bracket of income. Secondly, men who are less educated are also on the side of Donald.

These two figures of classes of people who support Donald are significant. The research foundation also states that in America there is a preponderance of Americans who are less educated than those who have gone to college and earned degrees.

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In addition, the population of Americans who have a lower income is much higher than those with a higher income. This is natural in all societies.

Interpreting the figures

When one adds up the figures of Americans who support Donald they show he has overwhelming support from people with less education and also earning less. Another significant fact brought out is that the numbers of these two classes far outnumber the more educated and affluent Americans. If one makes a simple calculation it will show that Donald has the greater support from a greater class of people 

This could be the clue to the voting pattern and makes Donald Trump a formidable candidate. So it's not going to be a walkover for Hillary and the results may yet surprise. #Election 2016