#Donald Trump is busy right now making a mockery out of the mainstream media. Make no mistake Trump’s sarcasm about Russia and Hillary Clinton’s emails was intentional. During the convention Trump took the attention of the still undecided voter and captured their attention that was expected to on Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in Cleveland.

Trump knows his way around the American ‘real middle class’, not economically. The middle class voter, not 20% on each end that vote strictly by party, but the ones that look around saying this is just not working. This appeals to them because he is like them in many ways, so they keep boarding the Trump Train.

With every new scandal more of them become Trump Supporters.

Polls have reversed lately.

Polls have all reversed in the past two weeks, one after another showing Trump leading Clinton by a growing margin. So I wonder aloud that somewhere someone is working on a #healthcare bill to replace Obamacare with once he takes office.

Obama-Care could have been better.

With Trump’s history in business he possibly has best minds in medicine working out details with no insurance companies or politicians in the room. Affordable Healthcare at a cost that fits the coverage those of us who were insured before Obamacare came along were much better off before Obamacare as far as cost, coverage, and accessibility. Trump will do it better.

Healthcare is here to stay in some fashion that debate is over realistically.

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I would like to see a plan where the I.R.S. penalty for not having insurance be eliminated and replaced by a penalty for not voting. Every Legal Citizen age 18 and up should be required to vote, if they want to reap the benefits of a taxation for universal healthcare.

Trump grows his business, not his base.

When you here the term ‘We have to grow our base’ said by a politician what he is really saying is right down Trump’s alley, grow a business. Democrats and Republicans are like apples and oranges, Trump is picking up all the bananas in the middle growing his business, enough to become the next President. He does have a good plan to upset the apple-cart, and Trump is letting the media do all the work.

Trump knows that he cannot change many democrat’s minds but that other 60% he can. He also knows he cannot change most Republicans minds, but that other 60% he can. That middle class 60% will be the voters that elect Trump president, and he is letting the media deliver his messages to them on a daily basis.