#Donald Trump spoke to a large crowd in Wisconsin last night, and he sounded very Presidential. This is the side and voice of Trump that America needs to hear from daily. The message was strong, insightful, clear, but the tone was what would capture votes more so than the message.

Trump seems to more and more be pulling away from the showmanship speaking that he utilized during the primaries. Possibly this has been the plan from the beginning. Trump always seems to be one step ahead of most of the rest of us. Putting the primaries in the past, Trump has started to build a base with the part of Middle America that is tired of politics as usual in Washington D.C

Changing the focus

The focus now has turned to convincing the undecided voter who in their hearts know that #Hillary Clinton and all of the corruption that comes along with her and her husband Bill Clinton are not the future that America needs.

We were supposed to get change in 2008 and again in 2012, what we got was a spirit rotting agenda that has damaged the United States here at home, and more so around the world.

Trump can right those bad decisions that have been forced down the throat of Americans by a President who cared more about division than inclusion aided by a Congress that put themselves ahead of the people. The political elites have a huge problem if Trump gets elected, that problem would be the loss of control of the sheepish masses who blindly follow where no man needs to go, and have for decades..

Trump makes a pledge to voters

During his speech Trump reached out to groups he needs to do better with, he made a pledge to them and all Americans. One thing about Trump is that he does what he says, good or bad he does it.

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This pledge is good, it is inclusive, it is honest, and it is exactly what we as voters needed to hear by the person who said it.

Like most things, new people have to grow into new jobs, new experiences, new challenges, and new times. Mr. Trump appears to be making the transition from candidate to being the leader of the free world and President of the United States at the right time with the Clinton campaign being exposed on a daily basis as more corrupt than we imagined. #Election 2016