#Donald Trump is growing into being the nominee for President of the Republican Party. With Trump having never held elected office there is quite a bit of on the job training finding its way right into the big middle of his lap. From the beginning Trump has said that all of the illegals in the country would be sent home if he got elected.

On the job training has enlightened Trump to the fact that to some illegals, America is home. They have been here for years, and have homes, jobs where they pay taxes, children in school, everything they have is here. Wednesday evening Trump will reveal details about what he calls a softer Immigration policy that will still include building a wall across our southern border.

Realization setting in

Yes we all get excited like the way Trump started his campaign out, but like us all he is settling down. Sending 11 million people out of this country would be a giant undertaking that would be almost impossible to complete while spending huge amounts of tax dollars. In reality it is just not feasible.

We can however send those who are criminal in nature out of the country, and we should. Many illegals only want the same thing the rest of America wants, we just need a plan to let them become legal with a path to citizenship. Amnesty is not the answer, these people know what they are doing is illegal.

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Wanting to be and becoming an American citizen is earned through loyalty, being law abiding, and being a contributing part of society.

Growing as a candidate, Trump is reaching out to minorities. Next week Trump will be sitting down with organizations that represent minorities to talk about reviving some of the crime-ridden inner city neighborhoods that are home to many minorities. Trump really does care about Main Street America.

Trump knows how to build and renovate

Trump knows more about building and renovating than just about anyone else so those neighborhoods could turn into places where people want to live and prosper rather than die in a drive by. In many cities five decades of Democrat control has done nothing except get them where they are now, and no one wants to live there or be in business there.

#Hillary Clinton does not adjust her position like a veteran businessman like Trump is doing, she just flip-flops to the other position. Trump is growing as a candidate, while the scandals, questions, lies, and emails concerning corruption about Clinton just keep piling up. With the polls tightening Trump seems to be trending up, while Clinton seems to be trending out.

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