When asked what she thinks of Donald Trump running for the office of the President of the United States, an 81-year-old grandma in Germany put it quite simply. “He has the most unsympathetic face,” she said. Europeans, no matter what age, treasure the news, international ones almost more than national ones. As for not being able to understand English and really understand what Trump is saying, the old lady commented that she didn’t need to comprehend Trump’s words. “I know he keeps repeating the same words,” she said. “But what I don't like is his face, it is the most unsympathetic face."

Donald Trump’s connection to Germany

Germans like the news and they like history, political and personal.

If a young man or woman brings home a new boyfriend or girlfriend, one can bet one of the first questions is who is your father and mother, what do they do, and where are they from. Of course, when Trump began his journey to become the President of the United States, the same question was raised by the European media and Europeans.

So, Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, in New York City, had four siblings (good) and while his dad was born in America (great) and his mom in Scotland, all of Trump’s grandparents are Europeans (excellent.) Donald’s ancestral German name “Drumpf” was changed to “Trump” in the seventeenth century. Donald had no say in the change of the name Drumpf to Trump more than 300 years ago, but he is certainly living with the family name's meaning “trump” or “triumph.”

Donald gets the title for “the most”

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father, Donald has lived up to becoming a “most” successful business man, television personality, and today politician.

Undoubtedly, Trump is “most” proud of his heritage and his name.

In 1999, Trump proudly represented his German heritage while serving as the grand marshal of the German-American Steuben Parade in New York City. Today, Trump is undoubtedly the “most” enthusiastic presidential candidate ever trying to become the “grand marshal” of the United States.

Trump is called ‘the most’ by fans and critics

Like it or not, Trump says what other people think. And being the most outspoken person in the United States, it is no surprise that Trump might actually win this election if it is up to the people. From crime to immigration to the economy, Donald says it the way it is.

In contrast to Hillary, Trump appears to be most realistic, most honest, and the most likely presidential candidate promising to be able to solve this country’ problems.

Of course, opponents to Trump have a few other words to add after “the most.” Donald’s most recent response to the shooting death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin is being described by Trump critics as the “most heartless” and “most narcissistic.”

What word do you have for Trump after ‘the most’?

Besides news and history, Germans love psychology. When asked why Trump appears to be repeating words in his speeches and why he has such a “most unsympathetic” face, the 81-year-old grandma from Germany had her own insights.

“Well,” she said about Trump. “Donald’s older brother Fred [named after his father] died from alcoholism in 1981.” Referring to a Trump documentary, the elderly commented that maybe since Donald stayed away from alcohol after that, he is missing out on something he needs to do to relax. Besides Trump having a glass of wine or a beer, "he has such a beautiful wife, can’t she help him to relax?” the elderly lady said with a smile.

Watching Donald Trump’s facial expressions and gestures during his speeches without sound is quite insightful. Even today’s Trump speech at his rally in Des Moines, Iowa, appears to be showing a “most” gesticulating and “most” repetitive presidential candidate. What word would you fill in for “Donald Trump is the most …?”

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