“We’re Making America Great Again,” is the campaign slogan heading up Donald Trump’s website. So, what really makes America great and what would make this country even greater? Most people answer the first part of the question by citing things like freedom, equality, the American Dream and democracy. Now, what would make America greater—or great again? To me, it means maker everybody’s lives better in some form—like Obama attempted to do with Obamacare, for instance. Or increasing jobs and decreasing unemployment and the homeless population with a better economy since we all benefit from it, regardless of our backgrounds.

Why is America not so great now?

The slogan also implies that we’re not so great now. And my question is, why? There’s been a lot of economic improvement—and countrywide healthcare—since the Recession, a decrease in crime, a rise in employment, etc. Maybe I’m answering the question incorrectly, because I didn’t write the slogan. But Trump answers the question with things that not only miss the mark, but aren’t really pressing problems that need fixing or that by fixing his way, will improve the country.

He seems to be all about isolating cultures with bigotry and assumption, and blaming immigration. Which is really odd, since immigration made this country great in the first place. By the way, he didn’t write the wording in his own slogan. He copied and trademarked the words of somebody else probably hoping people would compare him to that president, but not one person has.

Stealing somebody else’s campaign slogan means the thief won’t be able to apply the words well.

And if that person decides to be even more annoying and trademark those plagiarized words so he can complain about other people in his party using them for promotional purposes intended to help the thief, our plagiarizer displays how little he knows about politics and campaigning. And if he isn’t willing to listen to campaign managers that keep stepping down for that reason, he just might say racist things that could undo Civil Rights in America.

Trump doesn’t understand America as a nation since he lived apart from the regular crowd for years. See, a smart man that understood Americans wouldn’t rally with bigotry, because minority voters outnumber white voters nowadays. Plus, most minorities realize that once Trump’s done with Muslims, they could be next. But I guess Donald Trump think’s he’s so awesome he doesn’t have to do “smart.”

Trump endorses racial profiling

In his most recent asinine interview demonstrating that he’s really going insane, Trump stated that he was all for racial profiling and “throwing extremists out” of our country even if they hadn’t committed any sort of crime.

Now reviewing Trump’s campaign slogan, am I to understand that Trump thinks racial profiling and kicking people out of American that have done nothing whatsoever—giving himself way too much power to mess with minorities and immigrants—makes American great again? See, this is what happens when a lunatic rip off a great President’s wording—Trump can’t apply his slogan as his own political philosophy because they aren’t his words. What he can do, though, is demonstrate that he’ll lie, cheat, and steal things, including a good President’s words, while absolutely not understanding what they mean to the American people or without even attempt ion to make himself the representation of those words.

However, he is the representation of the action he committed to grab that slogan—that is, trying to copy greatness by using the words when in reality he’s demonstrated with this theft and complaining that others copied him that he is a plagiarizing, hypocritical, nonsensical thief. And that is the real political philosophy he depicted by not only taking, but also trademarking.

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