Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both released tax plans this week. Clinton’s looks like more of the same plan we have been on for the past 8 years. 7 brackets with a top rate of 43% on those making more than $5 million. Trump’s plan only has 3 brackets with 35% being the top rate, but more importantly it drops the corporate rate to 15%.

Businesses will be able to stay in the United States and be competitive with a rate like that. With a higher corporate rate companies have no choice but to leave for other countries where the rate is better. We are taxing companies out of business or out of town, state, and country. These are the choices we give business before demonizing them for leaving.

The economy needs jobs

There is something special about buying American-made products, it creates jobs locally. That is what we as voters need to focus on this November, the economy. The global economy should have no bearing on this election, without a strong robust economy in the United States.

One thing is true without debate, more people working pay more taxes with more people paying there is more to spend, but we should spend it wisely. The more people working also means less people needing assistance to get by. Every person we can get off welfare with a good paying job only helps at both ends.

The country needs Trump

That is what Donald Trump will help with as President. Trump, despite anything someone may say about him negatively, has created jobs, Clinton has not. He understands business, Clinton does not, Trump deals and associates with people who create jobs while understanding business.

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This country needs a break from scandals, riots, shootings, crime, foundations, and poverty. Trump and those around him are much better equipped to make those things happen than Hillary Clinton, we cannot afford four more years like the past eight. With Clinton that is what we will get. If we want that volume that can help cure some of our problems, Donald Trump is the best choice come November.