The 1st Presidential debate is Monday September 26th, the same night and time that the Atlanta Falcons play the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football. The Saints and Falcons play in the same division and are longtime rivals. The game promises to be physical, with some hard hits, an injury or two, and hopefully high scoring early on. The Presidential debate promises much of the same thing just in a different arena.

The game and the debate will have several parallels. Huge viewing audiences, red dog all-out blitzes, trick plays, trash talking, and in the end one or both of the participants in each event will try a last second Hail-Mary to change the outcome.

The game might end up a lop-sided affair, but the debate will be much more competitive with few if any minds changing their support. Undecided voters may however find the answers they have been searching for when deciding who to vote for.

Trump the junkyard dog?

Hillary Clinton and her camp have seemingly been secluded and preparing for the onslaught #Donald Trump will assuredly launch on her the first chance he gets. Expect things that will make the insults thrown around during the Republican Primaries look like childlike fodder. Clinton is just such an easy target with all the scandals that drag behind her like beer cans tied to a limousine leaving a wedding.

Trump has before him an opportunity to either be an attack dog or to take the so-called high road and try to present himself as being more Presidential.

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The issue with attacking like a dog, most if not all of these scandals have been worked over by Trump, Bernie Sanders, limited media coverage, social media, and some people just don’t like mean dogs.

Clinton Supporters Sheep?

The real alarming issue is the fact that the sheep that are Clinton’s supporters don’t seem to care about her being untruthful, untrustworthy, unethical, unrepentant, and possibly unhealthy. Clinton clings to the same failed policies the Democrats have for years used to hold minorities down while making them think they are working for them.

The results however show that those policies are failed leaving minority neighborhoods reeling from crime, unemployment, and riddled with bullets. Minorities continue to vote for whomever the Democrats trot out and anoint the next in a long line of failures as the next great all-inclusive leader. Hopefully the football game will be a blow-out and the debate will draw viewers from both New Orleans and Atlanta, both large minority communities.

Trump reaches out to minority voters

Trump has been reaching out to minority voters recently even going as far as to ask them what they have to lose by voting for him. Hard to argue with that with the spikes in crime and murders in cities like Chicago and Baltimore (longtime democrat strongholds). Trump would be the better choice for minority communities, he would bring back jobs, reconstruction, community pride, and law and order -- all things the Democrats have spent decades letting decay.

Viewers will be surfing back and forth between the debate and the game, if the game is a blowout, Trump wins as far as getting a bigger audience to speak to. If the game is close Clinton gains by having fewer people to lie to, mislead, and speak condescendingly to. Either way there will be two winners on September 26, but it is Trump who has the most to gain out of the four participants. #MondayNightFootball #PresidentialDebate