Death and taxes, we have all heard the old saying these two things are the only constants in life. That very well may be true, but at what point are we paying too much of what we earn in taxes? The poor want the rich to pay more, the middle wants to pay less, and the rich want everybody to pay something.

What is too much to pay? Is 50% of whatever you can earn too much? Should taxes be different percentages for those who earn more? Is punishment for working hard the answer? Should those who earn little pay nothing in taxes or a percentage less than larger earners?

Fixing the tax burden of Americans is much more complicated than just a tax rate.

Foreign Aid increases the taxes we pay, but have we put foreign aid ahead of domestic aid? What would make people think that money is well spent trying to fix other countries problems when we cannot even fix our own?

Spending is out of control

Spending is out of control and the only way to pay those costs is to bring in tax revenue. Good business plans pay debt as they go, but no one ever said big government was good business. We spend more on the interest on our national debt than we will ever be able to pay, but still we raise taxes. Congress has to be forced to send only what we take in and stop raising the National Debt Ceiling.

The cycle is vicious. Each new generation wants more things to be provided whether that is healthcare or free college it still has to be paid for. The older among us want the government to help more, and they should.

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The liberal way of thinking is the government should pay for both items the younger generation wants, but can we realistically afford them?

Donald Trump has created jobs, Hillary has not

The only answer to more spending is raising more revenue by raising taxes whether that comes in the way of higher rates or more people working to pay more taxes. Donald Trump has the qualifications to make that happen, Hillary Clinton on the other hand has never created any job outside of a government job. Government Jobs take taxes for the entirety of the cost while putting little back into the system, so in the end it is more like creating work, not a job.

Economics will in the end bring the true test of this election. Will we flourish as a nation or will it be four more years of wanting what we cannot afford, borrowing what we cannot pay back, and dividing the country economically? The current administration has spent the last 8 years dividing us along racial lines, when the only real solution is putting America First.