Donald Trump is clearly the best choice for the job of President of the United States when voters go to the polls this November to decide who will be the one to lead the country for the next four years. Depending on whether voters use their head or their heart to decide which candidate to choose, Trump should be the clear choice for the following reasons.

First and foremost Trump is not a politician. The “political elite” have done their best to divide and conquer this country. Trump, in spite of perception does want nothing more than to make America great again, and that will help take away some of the division that has weakened us as a nation.

If we are a country of people all created equal, why do we have political elite to begin with?

Trump has the skill set

Trump has the skill set to address the major problems the future holds. Securing the borders is essential to our security, and Trump recognizes that we pause letting refugees who could be terrorists in hiding into our country. Legal immigration is the foundation of the United States.

Being a successful businessman, Trump knows what it takes to succeed in the culture that over taxation has created. Better trade deals, a growing economy, and decreasing unemployment are all things Trump will have almost day one success with, because Wall Street investors will no longer be able to buy influence the way they can today.

Tax Plan for growing the economy

The tax plan Trump unveiled last week will put more money in the pockets of the middle class while at the same time giving businesses the tools to grow if it can be enacted.

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Growth in the economy will put more money in the country's budget, and give every American a chance to flourish.

Being honest and trustworthy are important as Commander in Chief, and Trump is the obvious choice in this area. Trump may be too honest at times hurting his own perception to some. Clinton on the other hand is a known liar, and simply does not have the trust of the American people. Clinton makes this even worse by giving the impression that she does not seem to care if voters trust her.

Change policy not theory

The United States does need change in policy not in theory. We can no longer police the world for free. No longer can we negotiate bad trade deals thinking they were the best we could do when in reality we settled for less just to look like more, but we lost in the long run. Trump is the answer to who to vote for, he will make us strong, secure, economically sound again, and in the process send a loud and clear message to the political elite to put America First, or we just might fire you all.